Introducing spots to enjoy night and morning in Hiroshima


A sunset cruise that goes around the Seto Inland Sea at dusk, seasonal illumination that colors the night of Hiroshima, and a fantastic early morning sea of clouds... There are many attractions in Hiroshima that are different from daytime. Introducing the fun you can meet because you want to enjoy your stay in Hiroshima.

Enjoy the Setouchi Evening Views

Romantic time of the sea & sunset


You can see the scene of the Seto Inland Sea dyeing orange from a cruise ship, or visit famous places for the sunset. We will guide you to a spot where you can see a beautiful sunset.

Go to a beautiful light up & night view spot

Fantastic landscapes spread

We introduce light up events and night view spots where you can see different expressions from daytime. Why don't you go out to see the spectacular night view suitable for the end of your Hiroshima sightseeing?

Dinner at a specialty gourmet!

A lineup of classic Hiroshima gourmet foods

Introducing gourmet information where you can spend a delicious night in Hiroshima. From Hiroshima specialties such as okonomiyaki and Setouchi delicacies, to topical areas where you can enjoy ladder liquor, and local sake you want to drink in Hiroshima, the sake capital, here are the flavors that color the night of Hiroshima.

Wake up early and enjoy sightseeing in the morning

Encounter sceneries that can only be seen in the morning

There are many things to enjoy in the morning in Hiroshima, such as the sea of clouds floating in the Seto Inland Sea, the rising sun seen from the World Heritage Island Miyajima, and oyster landing early in the morning. Here are some spots where you want to get up a little early the morning after you stay and go out.
A powerful Experience ! Be sure to watch “Kagura”

[Featured column]
Powerful Experience ! Be sure to watch “Kagura”
~ Regular performances held in the center of Hiroshima city ~

Hiroshima prefecture is known as one of the nation's leading kagura (Shinto ritual ceremonial dance) places. There are various theories about its origin, but it seems that the song and dance performed in front of the divinities to repose of souls, thanks for a good harvest, and ask to stop disasters came to be called “kagura.” Currently, nearly 300 kagura troupes are active in the prefecture. Among them, regular performances are held at the “Hiroshima Prefectural Cultural Center” located in the center of Hiroshima City. Feel free to enjoy a special experience that colors your night in Hiroshima !

[Access] About 2 minutes on foot from Kamiyacho Nishi Tram Stop or Hondori Station

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