A lineup of classic Hiroshima gourmet foods

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Introducing gourmet information where you can spend a delicious night in Hiroshima. From Hiroshima specialties such as okonomiyaki and seafood from Setouchi, to topical areas where you can enjoy ladder liquor, and local sake that you want to drink in Hiroshima, the sake capital, here are the tastes that color the night in Hiroshima.

Make teppanyaki casual ♪ Okonomiyaki Night


Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima, which is full of famous restaurants, is a must-eat!

Okonomiyaki is the soul food that Hiroshima is proud of. In Hiroshima, there are many okonomiyaki restaurants where you can enjoy a full side menu like an izakaya. There are plenty of teppanyaki unique to Hiroshima, such as oysters boasting the highest production in Japan, sea urchin horren, and “koune,” a rare part of beef familiar in Hiroshima. Shimeru with okonomiyaki is the promised order style.

Seto Inland Sea delicacies at an izakaya!


The new standard for dinner in Hiroshima

The Seto Inland Sea, where abundant nutrients flow from mountains on all sides, has long been known as a treasure trove of seafood. There are a wide variety of types such as sea bream and octopus, and there are many ways to taste them. If you want to enjoy a variety of flavors little by little, head to an izakaya or kappo that boasts seafood. There is also an abundance of local sake that complements fish dishes.

There are food stalls, and there is a bar district! Ladders liquor in Hiroshima


Tipsy time in the deep bar district

Hiroshima is home to one of the busiest districts in Chugoku and Shikoku, and there are many bars that you’ll want to stop by. Nagarekawa, one of the largest entertainment districts in Hiroshima, is a fierce battleground for gourmet food, where gourmet spots such as izakaya, ryotei, bars, and dining are lined up. There are also many famous okonomiyaki restaurants, and it is crowded with many people every night. Also known as “Ekinishi,” located on the west side of JR Hiroshima Station, is a bar district lined with restaurants that were renovated from a Showa retro building. There is also a retro bar district near JR Yokogawa Station, perfect for ladder liquor. Also, old-fashioned food stalls are still alive and well in Kure City! From ramen to creative dishes, there are about 10 restaurants with rich individuality.

[Access] Ekinishi (immediately from JR Yokokawa Station), Nagarekawa (immediately from Ebisucho or Hatchobori Tram Station), Kure Yatai (about 5 to 10 minutes on foot from JR Kure Station)


[Featured column]
Local sake
from Hiroshima ~ Enjoy local sake at the prefecture's best sake restaurant ~

Hiroshima’s local sake, which uses medium soft water peculiar to the land, is soft on the palate and boasts a mellow and rich flavor. Above all, “Saijo,” which is known as the city of sake, is one of the leading local sake restaurants in Japan, and there are various breweries and brands. If you come to Hiroshima, please try it.

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