Motoujina Park is designated as a natural observation educational forest and security forest by the Forestry Agency in the Seto Inland Sea National Park Special Area. There is a primeval forest and a natural coast situated 5 km from the city center. There, you can observe precious animals, plants, and geology.
We call this treasure trove of nature the Motoujina Earth Museum.
Volunteer guides will help you meet the wonderful sceneries of Motoujina Earth Museum.


Guide organization name/representative name
Earth Museum Motoujina Initiative Promotion Committee (Secretariate/Minami Ward Office Regional Raising Promotion Division)

Introduction of guide implementation organizations
You will be touched by the history of Motoujina and precious nature unlike any other, and there will be discoveries and excitement every time you visit. We are working to convey the rarity and splendor of nature in Motoujina and hope that the number of people who want to cherish nature will increase.

Contact phone number
Secretariate/Minami Ward Office Regional Raising Promotion Division 082-250-8935 (Mon-Fri 8:30 ~ 17:15)

The total distance of the course
Approximately 2.5 km The route changes every time. Sea observation days are only on the coast.

Meeting date
Basically, it is the last Sunday, but it may change depending on the month.
(Please check by phone or web.)

Time required
2 hours

Meeting time
Time is different for 10 o'clock sea observation days.

Meeting place
Near Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima parking lot entrance

Dismissing time
12:00 (can leave on the way)

Dismissing place
Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

None (minimum number of participants is 1 person)

Participation fee
100 yen (including insurance premiums and preparation fees) Free for elementary school students and younger accompanied by parents
* There are times when a separate material fee is required

This is why this tour is nice !
The ground covered with fallen leaves all year round and tall, fluffy trees are unique to primeval forests. The route changes every time, so there are always new discoveries.

Application deadline
No advance registration required (accepted at the meeting place by 9:50 on the day)

According to the NHK weather forecast for 6:55 a.m. on the D-day, it will be canceled if the probability of precipitation is 50% or more. Bring drinks, insect repellent spray, etc. Please wear clothes and shoes that are easy to walk in the mountains and on the coast. Sandals and pumps are not allowed.

Spots to visit

1. Coastal geological observation (*The route changes every time.)
2. Coastal plant observation (*The route changes every time.)
3. Coastal sea observation day (summer only). (The presence or absence of implementation is determined by the tide level.) (*The route changes every time.)
4. Observation of primeval forest plants (*The route changes every time.)
5. Large Camphor Tree and Motoujina Lighthouse (*The route changes every time.)
6. Primeval Forest and Ujina Lighthouse (*The route changes every time.)
7. View of Ninoshima from the natural coast (*The route changes every time.)

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