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Introduction of the Kaguradan/
Established in the middle of the Meiji period (reorganized in Showa 40), it is a twelve kagura group that forms the flow of Ise-ryu kagura. They perform at local summer festivals, Keiro Kai, community center festivals, and Miyagase Shrine’s autumn festival.
Name of Representative (Title)/Shuji Shudo (Leader)
When the Kaguradan was found/Meiji period
Number of members: 15 people
Holding programs/Susukuri, Shinto, Two Swords, Four Swords (Four Swords), Long Sword, Bow, Lantern, Fox, Fishing, Ooni Goni, Seki (Arahira), Separation as desired
Local Shrine/ Miyagase Shrine
Performance period at a local shrine/ the first Saturday of October
Past performances/Local events such as the annual Shrine Festival (Aki Matsuri Eve Festival) and Keiro Kai
Onsite Kagura Performance/Not Available


Numatacho Otsuka, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima 731-3162, Japan

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