If you know it, you can taste it even more delicious! Let's enjoy “Hiroshima oysters,” which is the number one shipping volume in Japan.

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“Kaki” (oyster) is a gourmet dish that cannot be missed in Hiroshima.

In Hiroshima, you can enjoy it all year round, not only in winter, which is said to be the best season.

Speaking of how to eat it, isn't it something that comes to mind as simple as raw and yakigaki (grilled oyster) ? Actually, there are many other dishes that use Hiroshima oysters. In addition to recommended dishes, we will also introduce places and events where you can fully enjoy oysters.

Hiroshima oysters that can be eaten even in summer

Be sure to try a large grain crispy nakaki!
Because it is the best terrain for oyster farming, you can eat delicious oysters.

The size of the body is 1.5 times larger than normal! Triple-size oysters that are delicious even in summer

For those who always wanted to eat fresh and tasty oysters all year round, the brand “Kaki Komachi” created by Hiroshima prefecture developed the best product !
“Oyster Komachi” is a triple-size oyster developed by the Hiroshima Prefectural Fisheries and Ocean Technology Center, and produced and harvested by the Hiroshima Prefectural Cultivation and Fisheries Association. triple-size oysters are oysters that do not lay eggs, which were born from the improvement of a breed of double-size oysters. Double-size oysters run out of energy during the summer spawning season and lose weight. However, the triple-size oyster “Kaki Komachi”, which does not lay eggs, is plump and large, and stores plenty of nutrients even in summer.

The reason why Hiroshima oysters are delicious

Oysters grown with the abundant nutrients of the Seto Inland Sea have an addictive taste.
The meat is large, so you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of any cooking.

When did its history start?

Hiroshima oysters account for about 60% of the national market share and boast the highest production volume in Japan. When did its history start? What is the size and taste ?

If you know it, you will want to eat more Hiroshima oysters, and the characteristics and reasons why they are delicious. Let's discover them.

Oyster dishes filled with a variety of charms

The oyster bank pot is fun in winter.
There are many shops that offer yakigaki and steamed dishes all year round.

Oyster dishes you definitely want to order

If you are visiting Hiroshima, you should definitely order an oyster dish. I will introduce some typical ones. Also check out the sake that goes well with oysters!

If you want to enjoy oysters in Hiroshima, go here

An oyster hut with a price that can only be achieved because it is an oyster production area and is delicious.
Miyajima, which is visited by many tourists from all over the country, is also popular as a spot where you can enjoy oysters.

Feel free to enjoy oysters with sightseeing

Here are some typical places where you can enjoy oysters in Hiroshima. Miyajima, where you can easily enjoy oysters along with sightseeing, is also a must-see.

Fun Hiroshima oyster festival

Every year, events are held in various places between mid-January and February when oysters become delicious.

Some strong people enjoy ladders at the festival

The “oyster festival,” which locals also look forward to every year. It is a popular event with many tourists visiting Hiroshima during this season. It is held in various parts of the Seto Inland Sea, such as Hiroshima, Otake, Hatsukaichi, Kure, and Etajima, with the first “Miyajima Oyster Festival” that began in the prefecture.

As well as the classic yakigaki, the menu offered at each festival is different dishes, such as oyster stew, bank pot, and steamed oysters, so there are strong people who enjoy various festivals by ladder! In addition to that, there are also sales of local specialties and stage events, and there are plenty of fun for each area.

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