Take a walk in a leisurely mood. Feel free to enjoy autumn leaves hunting

  • Shukkeien Garden (Hiroshima City)
  • Wakunaga Manji Commemoration Garden (Akitakata City)
  • Yoshimizuen Garden (Akiota Town)
  • Sankei-en Garden (Mihara City)
  • Illumination of Shukkeien Garden (Hiroshima City)
  • Shukkeien Garden (Hiroshima City)
  • Wakunaga Manji Commemoration Garden (Akitakata City)
  • Yoshimizuen Garden (Akiota Town)
  • Sankei-en Garden (Mihara City)
  • Illumination of Shukkeien Garden (Hiroshima City)

A Japanese garden where you can feel the different tastes of the four seasons. The garden, which is usually known as a place to relax, changes to a much more lively atmosphere in the fall. Be sure to visit this time of year when the autumn leaves show even more beauty.

Shukkeien Garden (Hiroshima City)

A calm space where you can feel the atmosphere of Japan
The appearance of the gradation is also beautiful
Crimson maple trees reflected on the calm surface of the water
Light-up for a limited time

A healing spot in the center of Hiroshima city that is familiar to citizens

A Kaiyu style garden that shows a beautiful expression in every season. In this Japanese garden where you can feel the atmosphere, the contrast between bright red maple leaves and golden ginkgo biloba is stunning. You will be dazzled by the colorful scenery. The nighttime illumination that is held for a limited time is also popular. The fantastic fall foliage, which is a bit different from the daytime, is worth a look.

Wakunaga Manji Commemoration Garden (Akitakata City)


A relaxing space full of flowers and trees

A garden handmade by employees of Wakunaga Pharmaceutical. The garden, which is about 148760 ㎡, is laid out with various flowers and trees. Thereby, flowers would bloom every season, like the rose garden or Monet's water lily pond's inspired garden. (Opening period is from the end of March to the end of November)

In addition to about 500 maple trees, enkianthus and metasequoia add color to the large and well-groomed site.

Yoshimizuen Garden (Akiota Town)

Momiji from the Edo period
The harmony between the mountain villa and the crimson trees is beautiful
Be sure to check public days!
The scenery from the mountain villa is also a must-see

Don't miss a valuable open-to-public-day

A strolling garden built by making use of the nearby mountains and ponds as they are. The quaint garden, which blends in with the scenery of autumn leaves, is open to the public only four days each in spring and autumn. Please check the schedule in advance before going out.

Sankei-en Garden (Mihara City)

There are about 600 maples of two types, Japanese maple and Japanese maple, in the park
You can enjoy colorful landscapes
Collaboration with Waterfall Flow
Let's go around the park
You can also walk from Hiroshima Airport

A Japanese garden with the theme of “village, mountain, and sea” in Hiroshima

A rockery pond garden built with the motif of the nature of Hiroshima prefecture. Momiji Valley, which consists of about 150 maples centered on Japanese maples and Japanese maples, is wrapped in a gradation of red, yellow, and orange from early to late November.

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