Now, pay attention! What is farmhouse private lodging!


Farmhouse private lodging is an agricultural, mountain and fishing village stay type trip where you can enjoy traditional life experiences in rural, mountain and fishing villages and interact with local people.

There are plenty of experiences that children and adults can enjoy as the land is. In addition to enjoying interacting with nature to the fullest, such as catching insects, playing in the river, observing animals and plants, and starry sky viewing, there are also farmhouse residences where you can experience old-fashioned living such as Goemon baths and pizza kilns cooked with firewood! All of them are filled with wisdom and ingenuity of people in the past, and are full of surprise and interest. Furthermore, there are also impressions that you can’t usually meet, such as feeling the greatness of nature and life during the harvest experience.

Let’s make memories at a farmhouse private lodging with warm hospitality that suits “welcome home” rather than “welcome home”!

Okuyuki Country Experience House


Four private lodging houses in a short distance gather to disseminate the charm of the countryside

“Okuyuki Country Experience House”, located at the westernmost tip of Yuki-cho, is a generic term for four private lodging facilities in Kumote, Kamitada village. Old-fashioned houses and old private houses over 100 years old are renovated by the hosts themselves to make them fashionable. You can rent a whole building and stay at a private residence.

The point is that it is about an hour’s drive from Hiroshima city and can be easily reached, but you can spend a leisurely time feeling the majestic nature that is not found in the city. Experience traditional Japanese life, such as the Goemon bath, veranda, and hearth. You can also cook and barbecue using a pizza kiln, and we also propose outdoor ways to enjoy it. Forget about time and enjoy the country life that can only be found here!

About Okuyuki Country Experience House Fees

Price list (shared by 4 buildings)

1 building usage fee 10,000 yen+price per person

1500 yen per adult (or 2500 yen)
1000 yen per elementary and junior high school student (or 1500 yen)
Free for preschoolers (bedding required: 500 yen per person)

Contact information


343 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku

DIY a 100-year-old private house over 10 years. You can enjoy a variety of activities in a spacious inn.


397 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the garden in spring. There is also a kiln in the garden where you can experience baking pizza. Pet private lodging OK!


427 Oaza Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku

A 45-year-old house with a mix of Japanese and Western styles. Relax on the veranda basking in the sun or in the Western-style living room.


420 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku

It's an old private house run by an animal-loving owner, so you can stay with your pet!

Farmers lodging in various parts of Hiroshima prefecture

[Fukuyama City] Setouchi Main House Setouchi OMOYA

900 Hei, Kumano-cho, Fukuyama-shi
TEL: None

Activities such as harvesting vegetables, honeybee harvesting, and marine sports
※It depends on the season

[Hiroshima-shi] 88 House Hiroshima

1-7-3 Umaki, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
TEL: 080-3770-9769

Bonfire cooking, playing in the river, BBQ

[Higashihiroshima City] Iho Miyaso

Higashihiroshima-shi Kurose-cho Munechika Yanagikuni

Rice planting, countryside, harvesting vegetables for BBQ, roasted sweet potatoes, cycling

[Etajima-shi] adult experience private lodging shiosai

1702-11 Korenaga, Okimi-cho, Etajima-shi
TEL: 0823-40-5070

Boat fishing, cruising, uninhabited island hopping and landing

[Etajima City] Pork and Chicken Etajima

3-10-21 Kirikushi, Etajima-cho, Etajima-shi
TEL: 0823-43-0567

Feeding pigs and chickens, picking eggs, horseback riding, handmade wieners

【Sera-gun】Sera no Yado Higashi

700-1 Besako, Sera-cho, Sera-gun
TEL: 0847-24-0099

Agriculture, rice planting, river fish catching

【Toyota-gun】Guest House Kie Shuku Niwa

242 Kie, Osakikamishima-cho, Toyota-gun
TEL: 0846-62-0080

Sea kayaking, boat fishing, blueberry picking (July-August), citrus harvest (October-November)

【Jinseki-gun】Village House Nigogawa

886-1 Ariki, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinseki-gun
TEL: 0847-84-2145

Agriculture, handmade soba, konnyaku making, handmade tofu, catching river fish

【Akitakata City】Farm Inn Cherie's Field

103 Yamabe, Yoshida-cho, Akitakata
TEL: None

Harvesting vegetables, cooking, pizza making, bonfires

[Akitakata City] Iniabi Farm “ToCoLo”

Nagata, Mukaihara-cho, Akitakata
TEL: 080-5618-1856

Naturally cultivated agriculture

【Miyoshi City】House of the woodcutter

334-1 Togochi, Funo-cho, Miyoshi-shi
TEL: 0824-54-2848

Cooking lumberjack, ostrich meat, etc., and plant dyeing

【Shobara City】Setouchi Kominka Stays Hiroshima Chojaya

1528 Mikawachi, Hiwa Town, Shobara City
TEL: 0824-72-3385


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