There are many famous places for cherry blossoms that we would like you to visit

  • Miyajima
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Hiroshima Branch of Japan Mint
  • Kosanji
  • Haji Dam
  • Fushigeyama
  • Senkoji Park
  • Ozekiyama Park
  • Ueno Park
  • Anno Flower Festival
  • Miyajima
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Hiroshima Branch of Japan Mint
  • Kosanji
  • Haji Dam
  • Fushigeyama
  • Senkoji Park
  • Ozekiyama Park
  • Ueno Park
  • Anno Flower Festival

In spring, the whole city is dyed in cherry blossom color. A row of cherry blossoms blooming in the background of the calm Seto Inland Sea, and an old tree set up in a peaceful mountain village. Here is an idea of what you can find in Hiroshima.

We will introduce carefully selected cherry blossom spots where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Hiroshima prefecture. It is also recommended to go around the different flowering periods in order!

Let's find the best cherry blossom spots

The cherry blossoms of Miyajima are beautiful in competition with the torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine
Kiyomori Festival to be held in Miyajima
Beautiful cherry blossoms reflected in the river and Hiroshima Castle
Cherry blossoms seen in the background of Fukuyama Castle
Cherry blossoms at Kosanji
Scenery seen from Innoshima Park
Tonomine Senbonzakura

Explore colorful cherry blossoms, from World Heritage Sites to local parks

Cherry blossoms shine in historic landscapes, and cherry blossoms that bloom beautifully in nature. We will introduce a selection of famous spots from among the many cherry blossom spots.

Fantastic night cherry blossoms illuminated by japanese lantern's lights

Senkoji Park
Ueno Park
Ozekiyama Park

Enjoy cherry blossoms in a moist atmosphere different from daytime

At night, you can enjoy an atmosphere that is a bit different from cherry blossom viewing in the sun. The beauty of the illuminated cherry blossoms is also exceptional.

A single cherry tree showing a majestic appearance

Weeping cherry blossoms in Yoichino
Weeping cherry blossoms at Rensyoji
Cherry tree weeping in Jikuin

Cherry blossoms in full bloom on old trees that are worth going to see

A single cherry tree with a stout style and a lot of presence. It is also popular with camera enthusiasts, and many people visit for the best shot.

Cherry Blossom Festival where you can enjoy events and gourmet food

Cherry blossom trees on the Sumiyoshi embankment
Anno Flower Festival
Sea and Island History Museum Sakura Festival

Introducing events held in during the cherry blossom viewing season

We will introduce events that adults and children can enjoy and festivals where you can experience elegant cherry blossom viewing. Stage shows and food stalls should be more exciting than usual under the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

There are still more famous cherry blossom spots in Hiroshima prefecture

Haji Dam
Bamboo Joy Highland
Ondo no Seto Park
Hakuryu Lake
Fuchu Park

There are plenty of cherry blossom viewing spots with plenty of highlights!

Find your favorite spot in Hiroshima prefecture, where you can enjoy a variety of cherry blossom views. Enjoy this year's cherry blossom viewing while enjoying the tourist mood.


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