There are plenty of cherry blossom viewing spots to see!

  • Haji Dam
  • Fushikageyama
  • Bamboo Joy Highland
  • Seto Park in Ondo
  • Lake Hakuryu
  • Fuchu Park
  • Haji Dam
  • Fushikageyama
  • Bamboo Joy Highland
  • Seto Park in Ondo
  • Lake Hakuryu
  • Fuchu Park

Find your favorite spot in Hiroshima prefecture where you can enjoy a variety of cherry blossom views. Enjoy this year's cherry blossom viewing while enjoying the feeling of sightseeing.

Haji Dam (Akitakata City)

Cherry blossom trees around Dam Lake
Take a leisurely stroll under the cherry blossom trees
It's fun to choose this at a food stall!
There are also large playground equipment that children will love
Lake Yachiyo Fountain

About 6,000 cherry blossoms bloom wonderfully

One of the most famous cherry blossom spots in western Japan. The sight of about 6,000 cherry blossoms in full bloom all at once is truly a masterpiece. The adjacent Nodogoe Park is lined with food stalls, and many people from outside the prefecture visit when the cherry blossom trees on the shore of the dam lake are in full bloom. There are rental bicycles at the Haji Dam Cycling Terminal, and cherry blossom viewing while cycling through the bicycle path is also recommended! The illumination at night also has an atmosphere, and it is a spot where you can fully enjoy cherry blossom viewing throughout the day.

Mt. Fudekage (Mihara City)

See the beauty of the archipelago beyond the cherry blossoms
Cherry blossom tree-lined street
Cherry blossom viewing at a great viewpoint
I'm fascinated by the collaboration between Sakura and Tashima

Enjoy the beauty of the Setouchi archipelago from the summit

You can enjoy the scenery that is said to be the best in the Seto Inland Sea. It is designated as Seto Inland Sea National Park. The beauty of the archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea seen through the cherry blossoms at the summit is worth a visit! From Mt. Ryuo, located in the southwest, you can see the Shikoku Mountains in the distance on a clear day, and you can see 7 of the 10 bridges on the Shimanami Kaido.

Introducing cherry blossom spots in various places at once!

Bamboo Joy Highland (Takehara City)

A park with the theme of bamboo. More than 1000 cherry blossoms bloom, and it is crowded with families.

Ondo No Seto Park (Kure City)

A scenic spot with a beautiful crimson bridge. About 2,300 cherry blossoms are in full bloom around late March.

Lake Hakuryu (Mihara City)

The shores of the lake are lined with cherry blossom trees, and it is known as a famous spot for cherry blossoms that shine on the surface of the water.

Fuchu Park (Fuchu City)

Hundreds of cherry blossoms bloom all at once during the season, and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while strolling along the promenade.

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Let's search for cherry blossom spots in various places

You can search for cherry blossom viewing spots in Hiroshima prefecture from here. Check out what kind of spots are there!

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