The Hiroshima brand


Attractive specialty products named after Hiroshima as “The Hiroshima Brand” that has been certified.
Foods made with seasonal ingredients and natural elements, from season to season blessed with rich nature,
Crafts using traditional techniques that have been passed down from time to time after overcoming the atomic bombing.
We hope you will find the one souvenir made for you.


Whole oyster senbei (Maruichi Shoten Co., Ltd.)

01 牡蠣まるごとせんべい_マルイチ商店(R3更新版)
A rice cracker made from a specialty of “Akitsu Town”, where the calm and clean sea spreads out surrounded by the islands of Seto. The dough is made from a high-class potato “Maruaka Potato,” which has a lot of starch and has a sweet taste, and is baked with a luxurious whole grain of “oysters with a rich taste” grown in the waters of Akitsu. It has a crispy texture with a moderate scent of the sea. The taste of oysters and the sweetness of potatoes are exquisite. It is a rice cracker with a “natural taste” where the taste of the ingredients lives.
📞 0846-45-0059
12 pieces / 810 yen (tax included)

Hassaku Daifuku (Kashihara Co., Ltd.)

02 元祖はっさく大福_かしはら(R3新規)
On the occasion of the completion of Innoshima Ohashi in 1983, Shinichi Kashiwara invented several types of daifuku with citrus fruits in mandarin orange mochi, a signature product since its establishment, and one of them is Hassaku Daifuku. Moved from Innoshima in 2013 to grow Hiroshima's famous mochi. It is Daifuku with a history and story that grew up as a souvenir of Hiroshima, where the texture of sweet and sour fruit, white bean paste, and rice cake is widely supported by men and women of all ages, and sweet tooth spicy, received reviews from local customers nationwide and evaluated from various quarters . The expiration date will be shortened, but in order to use fresh fruit, we have decided that the expiration date is 3 days when the fruit is delicious, and we are striving to spread products that are safe and affordable without unnecessary additives.
📞 082-208-2236
6 pieces box / 1,037 yen (tax included)

Tōyōka (Yamadaya Co., Ltd.)

03 桐葉菓_やまだ屋
Ochadake confectionery made by wrapping a unique azuki bean paste, which is a careful blend of koshi-an and tsubu-an, in mochi flour dough, and baked into a light and soft form. It has a mellow flavor and a chewy texture of the skin. The compatibility with the elegant sweetness of bean paste is also exquisite. It is often thought that it is similar to the standard Momiji manju, but it is also a “high repeat” confectionery that has been well received by many people due to its different taste.
📞 0829-55-0001
¥1,580 yen (tax included) for 10 pieces per box

Momiji Manju (Nishikido Co., Ltd.)

04 生もみじ_にしき堂(R3新規)
The technical team at Nishikido raised all their strength and developed it over 10 years. The dough uses rice flour from Hiroshima prefecture, so it has a chewy texture. Please enjoy the elegant taste born from the commitment to the ingredients.
☎ 082-262-3131
¥1,400 yen (tax included) for 10 pieces per box

Drinks, alcohol, etc.

Hiroshima Lemon Cider with Amabito no Moshio Fisherman's Salt / Hiroshima Fruits Agricultural Cooperation Association Union

10 広島レモンサイダー 海人の藻塩プラス_JA広島果実連
It is a cider made from fruit juice squeezed together with the skin of “Hiroshima lemon”, which is free of preservatives and has no wax, bathed in the sun in Setouchi, a temperate climate. One bottle contains the juice of one fruit. By adding a very small amount of “sea people's moshio,” which is also a specialty of Hiroshima, it has a deep flavor that makes the taste of lemon stand out. It is a cider unique to Hiroshima where you can enjoy the refreshing aroma and mellow acidity peculiar to “Hiroshima lemon” in a sparkling golden package. [Calorie light, saccharide light]
* “Hiroshima Lemon” is a registered trademark of JA Hiroshima Fruit Ren.
📞 082-279-2472
¥ [250ml] 184 yen (tax included)

Authentic sweet potato shochu using Daruma Beni Azuma, 25 degrees (Sakura Obrewery & Distillery Co., Ltd.)

11 本格芋焼酎 達磨 紅あずま25度_サクラオブルワリーアンドディスティラリー
Authentic shochu using the sweet potato “Beni Azuma” from Hiroshima, which is sweet and exquisite even when roasted. For warimizu, we use soft water with a soft mouth that overflows from Sandankyo in Hiroshima, which is designated as a special scenic spot of the country. It is a shochu “unique to the local area” that makes use of Hiroshima's raw materials and warm climate. The sweet and fragrant aroma of potatoes spreads, and it is refreshing even though it is rich. It is a sweet potato shochu with a good balance of taste and lightness.
📞 0829-32-2111
¥ [720ml] 1,320 yen (tax included)

Processed products, etc.

Kakimeshi (Mishima Foods Co., Ltd)

05 かきめし_三島食品
The base of takikomi gohan made with oysters from Hiroshima prefecture and kelp from Hokkaido, and lightly flavored with ginger. In order to increase the flavor of kakimeshi, the oysters are slowly baked with far-infrared rays. A nice scent of the sea that spreads from the time of cooking. The green kelp looks good and stimulates your appetite. You can easily enjoy “Hiroshima's local cuisine” at home.
📞 082-245-3211
¥ [Rice for 2 go/155g] 918 yen (tax included)

Taste of Hiroshima: Oyster Rice Mix (delicacy shop Nakamura Co., Ltd.)

06 広島の味 かきめしの素 かきめし_珍味処なかむら(R3更新版)
Takikomi gohan made with oysters from the northern waters of Hiroshima Bay, which has a strong taste and aroma. Flavors such as soy sauce and ginger are added to oysters with uniform grains and are carefully cooked with traditional techniques cultivated. It's easy just to add kakimeshi moto to rice and cook rice. The sweet aroma that spreads with cooking and the umami of oysters that permeate rice. You can enjoy Hiroshima's local cuisine kakimeshi deliciously throughout the year regardless of the four seasons.
📞 082-295-6717
¥1,080 yen (tax included) for 2 servings

Micchan Sohonten Frozen Okonomiyaki (raised by ISE Hiroshima Co., Ltd.)

07 みっちゃん総本店 冷凍お好み焼_ISE広島育ち
“Hiroshima-ryu okonomiyaki” is loved as Hiroshima's soul food. It is a frozen okonomiyaki from Iune Mitsuo's shop [Micchan Sohonten] called “Micchan,” which is also the creator of it. At factories that introduce the HACCP method, a proton freezer prevents the destruction of food cells and suppresses the amount of drip during thawing. We are particular about raw materials and are hand-baked one by one. This product is said to be the most popular “soba meat egg” in Hiroshima. It can be easily ranged up with a satisfying volume, and you can enjoy it with a special sauce with high viscosity that is the decisive factor for deliciousness.
📞 082-208-1968
¥1,080 yen (tax included)

Agricultural products, marine products, etc.

Oysters from Horiguchi (Horiguchi Marine Co., Ltd.)

12 堀口のかき_堀口海産
Good quality oysters farmed at fishing grounds in the northern part of Hiroshima Bay, where a natural environment suitable for oyster farming is prepared. The “sterilization system using ultraviolet running water and microbubbles” that removes and sterilizes even small dirt invisible to the eye, brings out the original aroma and rich taste of oysters without hurting the oysters. It has a plump texture and a mellow taste with a sweet taste. It is an oyster full of freshness that is “safe and secure” by skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge technology.
☎ 082-259-2366
From ¥4,212 yen (tax included)

Seasonings, etc.

Otafuku Hiroshima-limited Okonomi Sauce (Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.)

08 オタフク 広島限定 お好みソース_オタフクソース
Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd., which boasts the largest production volume of okonomi sauce in Japan in Japan, researched and completed okonomi sauce that specializes in Hiroshima okonomiyaki. We use ingredients that have ties to Hiroshima, such as oyster extract from Hiroshima and moshio from Setouchi. A rich and tasty okonomi sauce with a rich sweetness. The Hiroshima-like package design makes it perfect for souvenirs.
☎ 0120-31-0529
¥ [500g] 388 yen (tax included)

Remosco (Yamato Foods Co., Ltd.)

09 レモスコ_ヤマトフーズ
A liquid seasoning with an exquisite balance of acidity, pungency, and umami using lemons from Hiroshima prefecture grown in the mild climate of Setouchi and green chili peppers from Kyushu. We are particular about domestic ingredients, including “Ama no Moshio,” and it is also nice that chemical seasonings are additive-free. Refreshing lemon scent and acidity. The spicy spiciness of green chili peppers. It is a “new sensation seasoning” that enhances the taste of various ingredients and dishes.
☎ 082-509-5011
¥ [1 box/60g] 432 yen (tax included)

Crafts, etc.

Kumano Makeup Brushes (Koyudo Co., Ltd.)

13 熊野化粧筆_晃祐堂
Kumano makeup brushes by Koyudo are made by combining traditional Kumano brush techniques with unique techniques. It was made by pursuing details by skilled craftsmen, such as selecting high-quality raw hair and manufacturing methods that leave soft and thin hair tips without cutting. It has a soft, gentle texture and good makeup adhesion, and finishes makeup with a high quality, natural gloss. Also, brushes with vivid colors and cute designs will make everyday makeup fun. There are many of these cute products that have been registered as designs, and they are “Koyudo” one-of-a-kind items. Excellent functionality and design that combines traditional technology and novelty
It is a “KAWAI” makeup brush.
☎ 082-516-6418
¥SOMELL GARDEN 3,300 yen ~ (tax included)

Tulip Needles (Tulip Corporation)

14 針ものがたり_チューリップ
A “needle story” with “goodness of cloth” and “elasticity” that is the life of needles. We have spent more than 30 processes, and we put “heart” into each one so that our customers can use it with peace of mind. Needle holes without snagging, a smooth, bend-resistant, and break-resistant needle body, and a needle tip that realizes smooth cloth passage. We have 93 types of hand sewing needles to meet all needs from beginners to professionals. Please experience Nuno-dori, which is patronized all over the world.
☎ 082-238-1144
¥880 yen (tax included)

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