Rabbits are delicate and weak creatures. Be careful when interacting with them!

Come on and let's go to Okunoshima, and interact with rabbits. However, there are various rules for how to interact with rabbits. Here, in addition to information about rabbits, we will introduce rules, food, and recommended photo spots with rabbits. Make sure to follow the rules properly and treat rabbits.

A request from the rabbits


Don't let rabbits eat sweets or bread!

Unlike humans, rabbits lose their physical condition when they eat various foods. Vegetables such as green onions, as well as sweets or breads should not be given to rabbits. Also, rabbit food is not sold on Okunoshima.
Rabbit-related products are sold at convenience stores and supermarkets near Tadano-umi Port and Tadano-umi Station. It is necessary to check before crossing to the island.

Rules for interacting with rabbits

Observe the places and rules and gently touch each other.
Be especially careful with small children and interact with rabbits

Let's follow the rules and interact with rabbits

There are a few rules when interacting with rabbits.
■Rabbits are weak animals. The get easily stressed, break their bones, or get injured, so don't chase or hug. If they become sick or get injured,they will not be able to live in this wild environment.
■Buses and bicycles running around the island are dangerous vehicles for rabbits. In order for people and rabbits to stay safe, please do not interact with rabbits on roads, roadsides, or in front of building entrances. Also, please be careful of people and rabbits when driving on the island.
■Rabbits do not have very good teeth and eyes. If you feed them directly inside your mouth, you may be bitten and injured. Especially small children need to be careful enough.
■Rabbits can only eat a limited amount of food. Unlike humans, eating various foods will ruin your body's condition.

Rabbit photo spot

Of course, the one who greets you is a cute rabbit
War ruins and rabbits that remain on the island
There are rabbits at the tallest Hyokkori Observatory on the island

Anywhere on the island is a “rabbit photo spot”

Since rabbits will come to you from the moment you will land on Okunoshima, they can be photographed anywhere. Among them, we will introduce spots that we would like you to visit with rabbits in particular.

First, Kyukamura Okunojima-mae. This is the place where the most rabbits gather on the island. There is also a happy happening where you can be surrounded by rabbits holding rabbit snacks.

Next are ruins such as power plant ruins. It is unique to Okunoshima that you can take pictures of war ruins and rabbits at the same time.

Finally, how about taking a picture of the Hyokkori Observatory on the summit of the mountain at an altitude of 100m, and the many islands of Setouchi in the background.

Rabbit Guru's tweets

Be healed by rabbits
A group of rabbits! It's an irresistible moment for rabbit lovers
Let's look at sleeping rabbits from a distance

If you know the characteristics of rabbits, you can enjoy them even more

The rabbit masters introduces the characteristics of rabbits. It is a preliminary knowledge for being healed by rabbits.
Rabbits are twilight and dusk animals. Actions are active during times that are not daytime or night, such as dawn (twilight) and evening (dusk).
In turn, rabbits are creatures that are vulnerable to heat. Movement is sluggish during the day when it is hot in summer, so if you want to see rabbits that are moving, it is recommended to go early in the morning or evening to night.
Finally, if you want to see baby rabbits, we recommend spring to summer when they reach childbirth. However, past spring, rabbits hide in the mountains due to childbirth, so the number may temporarily decrease.

There are also things like this on the island!

[Featured Column]
There are also things like this on the island!

Rabbit ears of various sizes like the rabbit family
There are objects standing along the coastline.
This is what is called a sound collector.
When you put your head in, you can listen to the sounds gathered in the sound collector.
Such as the sound of the wind passing through the island and the sound of water such as ripples in the ocean, etc.
It seems that you can enjoy it as if you feel like a rabbit.

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