Because you can only go by ferry, you can fully enjoy the extraordinary feeling

A ferry is essential to get to Okunoshima. The gateway is Tadano-umi Port in Takehara City. It is recommended that you prepare thoroughly so that you don't have any trouble arriving at Okunoshima. Here, we will introduce information on restaurants in and around Tadano-umi Port.

Tadanoumi Port


First, prepare well at Tadano-umi Port!

Tadano-umi Port is a 7-minute walk from JR Tadano-umi Station. There is a kiosk at the port which sells rabbit snacks, soft serve ice cream, coffee, etc.
In addition, luggage storage is also possible for 500 yen per time, so it is better for those who are going to walk around the island on a day trip to leave unnecessary luggage. From Tadano-umi to Okunoshima, one way is 310 yen for adults and 160 yen for children.

Restaurants around Tadano-umi

Kaisendon with plenty of seafood served is one of the popular menus
The blue exterior reminds me of the sea and the sky “Aohata Jam Deck”
“Eshimaya Okonomiyaki” loved by locals

Enjoy Takehara gourmet food!

In Okunoshima, there are only restaurants in the “Kyukamura Okunoshima” building. It is recommended to have a meal around Tadano-umi Port before crossing to the island. You can enjoy seafood from the Seto Inland Sea at “Ajidokoro Hinode,” where you can enjoy seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, as well as a service lunch. “Eshimaya Okonomiyaki” is an okonomiyaki restaurant loved by locals and people in the city. Okonomiyaki with onions goes well with cabbage, and brings out umami from each other. “Aohata Jam Deck,” which is famous for jams, is also located near Tadano-umi Port. Have a relaxing moment at the cafe corner.

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