• Woodwan Art Museum
  • Kure Municipal Museum of Art
  • Ranjimakaku Museum
  • Okuda Gensong Song Shoyume Museum
  • Woodwan Art Museum
  • Kure Municipal Museum of Art
  • Ranjimakaku Museum
  • Okuda Gensong Song Shoyume Museum

There are many unique museums in Hiroshima. There are also museums that offer plus α fun for art appreciation! Let’s visit the art spots scattered throughout the prefecture.

Woodwan Art Museum

Painting exhibition room
Meissen exhibition room
Glass exhibition room

An art museum built in a resort area rich in nature

An art museum built in a beautiful mountain village where primeval forests remain. It opened as an art museum that exhibits and exhibits about 800 works of art owned by Wood One Co., Ltd., a general wood building materials manufacturer. Modern Japanese paintings such as Takahashi Yuichi, Kuroda Seiki, Kishida Ryusei, Yokoyama Taikan, Kamimura Shoen, and Western paintings by Renoir and Van Gogh, etc., as well as Satsuma ware, Meissen porcelain, Art Nouveau centered on Emile Galle A collection of glass works, etc. Special exhibitions are held several times a year and are released sequentially. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee in the hotel’s café while admiring Meissen’s antique cups. Why don’t you spend an elegant tea time?
※The museum is closed during the winter season (mid-December to mid-March).

Hot spring resort “Quere Yoshiwa”

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Hot spring resort “Quere Yoshiwa”

Onsen lodging facilities are adjacent to the same premises as the museum, and plans that include admission to the museum, bathing and meals are also popular. After enjoying the art, take a dip in a hot spring to refresh your mind and body!

Kure Municipal Museum of Art

Antoine Bourdelle “Hercules Bow” 1909
Auguste Renoir “Girl in a Straw Hat” 1885

Enjoy masterpieces of local masters and Renoir 

It has a collection of works by famous domestic and foreign artists such as Renoir, Hirayama Ikuo, Rodin, etc., including writers related to Kure City, and holds collection exhibitions three times a year and special exhibitions several times a year.
In front of the museum is the museum street, which was selected as one of the “100 best roads in Japan”. Please also enjoy the collaboration between an art museum with a beautiful brick outer wall and an art path that received the Handmade Local Award.

Museum street selected as one of the “100 best roads in Japan”

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Museum street selected as “100 best roads in Japan”

“Art Museum Street” is a red brick tree-lined street facing the Kure Municipal Museum of Art. Sculptures and objects by famous artists are dotted, creating an artistic atmosphere. Why don’t you take a walk along the path where the harmony between the green of pine trees and red bricks is beautiful, and spend a moment of healing your heart.

Ranjimakaku Museum


We also recommend a gallery concert once a month

This museum is located on Shimokamagari Island in the Seto Inland Sea southeast of Kure City. Works depicting the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea and works by leading Japanese modern painters such as Taikan Yokoyama, Heihachiro Fukuda, and Kozo Minami are on display. The authentic wooden building is also impressive enough. Gallery concerts are held in the hall every third Saturday of the month.

Okuda Gensong Song Shoyume Museum


A museum where the moon looks beautiful

This museum houses and exhibits the works of Okuda Genso, a Japanese-style painter who lives in Miyoshi City, and his wife and puppet artist Okuda Koyume. While changing exhibitions several times a year, various works of the two people are on display.
They also hold special exhibitions that introduce local artists and introduce excellent art works and culture from home and abroad, and have been well received.

The moon reflected on the surface of the pond is fantastic

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The moon reflected on the surface of the pond is fantastic

It is designed so that you can see the moon beautifully after the moon that appears in many Okuda Genseong works, and you can watch the moonrise and movement from the pond where the lobby is located.
Opening hours are extended until 21:00 on the night of the full moon, so if you have the timing, be sure to visit at night! Please enjoy the beautiful moon reflected on the surface of the pond in the courtyard.

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