The intense blast and heat rays of the atomic bomb destroyed and burned down almost all buildings within two kilometers of the hypocenter. And with the reconstruction of the town, buildings that could no longer meet the newly required building functions began to disappear one after another.
This course traces the past and present of downtown Hiroshima while visiting atomic bombed buildings that convey the traces of the atomic bombing to the present.
In the backyard of a pharmacy with a history of about 400 years, you will be shown a stone lantern that became a landmark for the location of the store in the empty ruins immediately after the atomic bombing.


Guide organization name/representative name
“Hiroshima-dori” Hospitality Group
Introduction of guide implementation organizations
Guidance activities, participation in various events, and workshops and study sessions in the group are held centered on those who passed the “Hiroshima-dori” 1st term exam.
Contact phone number
“Hiroshima-dori” Hospitality Group 090-4698-2944
The total distance of the course
Approx. 2km
Implementation date
The second Saturday of every month (*However, if the guide is convenient, we can respond to the desired date and time)
Time required
Approx. 2 hours
Meeting time
10 o’clock
Meeting place
Before the Atomic Bomb Dom
Breakup time
12 o’clock
Where to break up
Fukuya Department Store
15 people (minimum number of participants 1 person)
Participation fee
500 yen per person (material fee, insurance fee, fun fee)
This is the first place to push!
Saigoku Kaido Yomoyama story by the 17th pharmacy family head’s house backyard visit and the family head
Application deadline
Apply at least 2 days in advance
Shopping at Hiroshima Yume Plaza! At the 1 storefront event, seafood and agricultural products in Hiroshima prefecture change daily, and 2 municipal specialties will also be exhibited and sold

Spots to visit

1. Before the Atomic Bomb Dom
2. Peace Memorial Park Rest House
3. Former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan
4. Fukuromachi Elementary School Peace Museum
5. Hiroshima Yume Plaza
6. pharmacy for the 17th family head
7. Fukuya Department Store

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