Three waterfalls, which are also the origin of the name, flow in the precincts of Mitaki and Mitaki-dera, which are said to be sacred places by Kobo Daishi, and show beautiful nature every season. The taste of Miyama Yukoku is also deep, and there are many stone Buddhas, literary monuments, and atomic bomb memorial monuments, etc., so walking while listening to the sound of the waterfall will heal your heart.
Also, in the precincts, there is a vermilion Tahoto pagoda, which is an important cultural property of the prefecture, and a wooden seated statue of Amida Nyorai, which is an important cultural property of the country, is enshrined in the pagoda.


Guide organization name/representative name
Tourism Assistant Hiroshima
Introduction of guide implementation organizations
It is a volunteer organization that is voluntarily managed by people who sincerely love Hiroshima, and has been guiding Shukkeien and Peace Memorial Park since its inception in May 2002.
Contact phone number
TEL 090-1688-4932 or 090-2297-5305 (9:30 ~ 16:30 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
The total distance of the course
Implementation date
The fourth Saturday of every month (*However, if you apply for more than 5 people, we can respond to the desired date and time if the guide is convenient)
Time required
Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes
Meeting time
Meeting place
JR Kabe Line Mitaki Station
Breakup time
12 o’clock
Where to break up
JR Kabe Line Mitaki Station
20 people (minimum number of participants 5)
Participation fee
500 yen per person (including insurance premiums and material fees.)
This is the first place to push!
It is said that Kobo Daishi said “Makoto is a sacred place,” and Mitaki is blessed with beautiful nature. If you take a walk while listening to the sound of the waterfall, your heart will be healed.
Application deadline
As a general rule, apply at least 1 week in advance
Those who wish can be guided to “Nisshoen Ruins” and “Shinran Shonin Statue Ruins” as an option.

Spots to visit

1. Seiganji
2. Mitaki-dera Tahoto
3. Komagataki
4. Garden of Fudaraku (Bonne Falls)
5. Magaibutsu group
6. The main hall of Mitaki-dera
7. Yumei Falls

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