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Introduction of the Kaguradan/
It started with a few people who love kagura living in the Kameyama area. Currently, there are a wide range of ages, from junior high school students to their 60s, and we are active in a group of about 20 people. Kyumai is taught by the Kagura group in Geihoku Town (now Kitahiroshima Town), and Shinmai is taught by the Kagura Group in Chiyoda Town (now Kitahiroshima Town), and the Kyumai and Shinmai have been handed down.
The main activities are the dedication of Kagura at the Shiki no Matsuri, appearances at various events, and consolation of welfare facilities mainly in the Kameyama area of Asakita-ku. We have been teaching Kameyama Children's Kagura since a few years ago, and we aim to be a kagura group that is closely connected to the community.
Name of Representative (Title)/HIRAOKA Hidenori (Leader)
Contact/TEL 090-4650-3945 FAX 082-819-0117
When the Kaguradan was founded in 197/Showa 47
Number of group members/20
Holding programs/Jingoshi, Ebisu, Jinmu, Jinmu, Yumihachiman, Akukitsu-den, Komochiyama, Modoribashi, Rashomon, Katsuragiyama, Takiyasahime, Momijigari, Kiyohime Anchin, Yaga Dairochi, Ibaraki, Extermination of Yorimasa, Akazuragaike
Local Shrine/ Ryobe Shrine
Performance period at local shrine/ 4th Saturday of October
Past performances: Asakita Kagura Presentation Contest, Onmyo Kagura Competition, Satsuki Selected Kagura Competition, Hiroshima Kagura Regular Performance, etc.
Business trip kagura performance/Yes (may not be possible due to group members' circumstances)


Kameyamaminami 3-18-43, Asakita-ku, 731-0232

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