Introduction of the Kaguradan/
Kaminaka Kagura Group was active in the Kaminaka district 70 years ago, but in addition to the heavy flood damage in Showa 18 and the post-war confusion, the total eviction of Takase no Hama and Dosuji districts due to the Ota River renovation work in the Showa 20's and Ebisu The state of suspension continued due to the eviction and relocation of the shrine, the aging and disposal of Kagura costumes, etc.
From Heisei 2007, we continued to discuss with the community and resumed the activities of the Kaminaka Kagura Troupe, saying “Let's revive the Kaminaka Kagura Group together, and teach manners, etiquette, etc. to the children,” and in Heisei 22 Since February, small groups have been practicing every Monday and Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:00.
We will continue to devote ourselves to it, so thank you for your support.
Name of Representative (Title)/Ikehara Yasunori (Chairman)
When was the Kaguradan founded in February 2010
Number of group members/16
Holding programs/
(Shinmai), Autumn Leaves Hunting, Takiyashahime, Akukuden, Tsuchigumo
(Former dance), Kinkushi, Kenbu, Jinrin, Mt. Oe, Johei no Ran, Yaga Dairochi
Local Shrine/ Nakatoshi Hachiman Shrine
Performance period at a local shrine/ November 2
Past performance results/Shrine dedication in various places such as Nakatoshi Hachiman Shrine, Hijiyama Shrine, Misashino Shrine, Sumiyoshi Shrine, Unagi Shrine, etc. Other, co-starring competitions, various events, etc.
Business trip kagura performance/ Yes

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