The gradation of autumn leaves dyed red and yellow is really stunning. Let's go out to see autumn leaves unique to nature.

  • Taishakukyo (Shobara City/Jinsekikogen Town)
  • Momijidani Park (Hatsukaichi City)
  • Sandankyo (Akiota Town)
  • Saburo Falls (Fuchu City)
  • Nukui Dam (Akiota Town)
  • Large ginkgo in Tsutsuga (Akiota Town)
  • Taishakukyo (Shobara City/Jinsekikogen Town)
  • Momijidani Park (Hatsukaichi City)
  • Sandankyo (Akiota Town)
  • Saburo Falls (Fuchu City)
  • Nukui Dam (Akiota Town)
  • Large ginkgo in Tsutsuga (Akiota Town)

A maple dyed crimson that makes you wake up, a carpet of ginkgo that shines in gold and lasts forever. If you leave the hustle and bustle of the city and stretch your legs just a little bit, a superb view invites excitement spreads in front of you.
Hiroshima prefecture is dotted with some of the most scenic spots in Japan, and there are many spots where you can experience the richness of nature, such as beautiful valleys and powerful dam lakes.
Let's start on a trip to the wilderness unique to autumn that stimulates the five senses!

Momijidani Park (Hatsukaichi City)

Popular shooting points at Momijidani Park
Calm autumn landscape in the park
In the park where about 700 trees change color

Enjoy the real beauty of autumn at Miyajima, a World Heritage Site

In autumn, Miyajima is wrapped in vivid colors, as if the entire island is covered with autumn leaves. Among them, Momijidani Park is one of the most famous spots on the island, where about 700 maple leaves turn yellowish and reddish. The clear flow of the river harmonizes with the fall foliage of the area, and the vermilion-lacquered Momiji Bridge further enhances the beauty. There are many other spots for autumn leaves in Miyajima!

If you get tired of walking, let's take a break with momiji manju and tea. Walking around the shopping street with many souvenir shops is also one of the pleasures.


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A panoramic view from Mt. Misen! Enjoy the vivid contrast between autumn leaves in Miyajima and walk in the air from the ropeway! ~

The view of Miyajima seen from Mt. Misen is truly superb. It is a spot where you can enjoy the scenery of colorful mountains and the sparkling and dazzling beauty of the Seto Inland Sea. You can easily reach the summit by using the ropeway, so even those who are not confident in their legs are safe.

Sandankyo (Akiota Town)

A splendid harmony between autumn leaves and Sandankyo
Take a walk while listening to the clear flow of the river
Enjoy the beauty of the gorge from a ferry

Let's enjoy the graceful appearance of the Great Canyon, designated as a special place of scenic beauty by the country

Sandankyo is full of natural beauty, such as a cliff canyon and a powerful waterfall. Feel the flow of waterfalls and rivers up close, and the air you breathe in is full of negative ions! You can feel the grandeur of nature.

In autumn, the whole area is dyed in vivid colors. It is such a spectacular view. It is also recommended to enjoy the scenery from the ferry, which is surrounded by natural sounds, or stroll along the promenade surrounded by trees to enjoy the fall foliage viewing.

Saburo Falls (Fuchu City)

It is crowded as a slide waterfall in summer
About 800 autumn leaves are colored around the waterfall

See the fall foliage while feeling the gentle murmur of the stream

In the summer, Saburo Falls is crowded as a natural slide waterfall. When the fall foliage season comes, about 800 autumn leaves are colored around the waterfall, creating a stunning landscape. There is also an autumn leaves festival, and trout fishing and barbecues are very popular. It's a spot where the whole family can play all day long.

Nukui Dam (Akiota Town)

The colors of the overlapping mountains are beautiful
Scenery from the observatory
The release of dams is very powerful

The dynamic landscape that suddenly appears in the midst of magnificent nature is attractive

Nukui Dam where you can see the release of one of the largest dams in Japan. It boasts the tallest arched dam in western Japan, and has been selected as one of the top 100 dam lakes. As autumn deepens, the surrounding mountains are dyed in a gradation of autumn leaves, and the beauty of the colors reflected on the surface of the water is exceptional. It is also ideal for driving courses.

Taishakukyo (Shobara City/Jinsekikogen Town)

Mountains reflected in the tranquil surface of the lake
Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade
Ride a pleasure boat to see the fall foliage
Go around Lake Shinryu

One of the most scenic spots in Hiroshima, where dynamic canyons continue

Taishakukyo, which has a large canyon that stretches for about 18 kilometers, is one of the best spots for autumn leaves in the prefecture. In the center of Lake Shinryu, you can see the beautiful reflection of the mountains with autumn leaves reflected in the water mirror. The area is dotted with spectacular tourist attractions, such as the limestone cave “Hakuundo” with a depth of more than 200 meters and the natural bridge “Ohashi” formed by river erosion. From the sightseeing boat that goes around Lake Shinryu, you can also enjoy the beauty of the valley downstream where many untouched nature remains.

Ginkgo trees, Natural Monuments, oversize masterpieces

When I looked up close, I was surprised at the size again! Think back to the moon and day of the thousand-year old tree

The “big ginkgo of Tsutsuga,” which is said to be over 1,000 years old, the largest tree in the prefecture “Kamitakanosan no chichisagari ginkgo”, and the “Koyodo's great ginkgo” with rare trumpet-shaped leaves are all designated natural monuments by the prefecture. It has been popular as a famous place for ginkgo biloba since ancient times.

When the fall foliage season comes, a golden carpet seems to spread all over the area. The vitality of ginkgo and the majestic appearance of a large single tree are also popular as a power spot.

Large ginkgo in Tsutsuga (Akiota Town)

Tsutsuga's large ginkgo in the precincts of Tsutsuga Otoshi The best time to see it is around mid-November.

Kamitakanosan no chichisagari ginkgo (Shobara City)

A milky ginkgo from Mt. Kamitakano in the precincts of Tenma Shrine.

The Great Ginkgo Biloba of Koyodo (Miyoshi City)

If you go up the road a little, you can see the whole view of the large ginkgo biloba in Koyodo.

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