10 recommended spots for sightseeing in Hiroshima in summer

Here are some sightseeing spots in Hiroshima where you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

If you want to enjoy summer to the fullest, outdoor leisure, let's go to the sea or in the mountains is a staple. At Katazoegahama Seaside Park and Tsutsumigaura Nature Park, you can experience the nature of Hiroshima, such as swimming, camping, fishing, tennis, and barbecues. Necessary equipment can be rented, so you can feel free to play it out.

In Hirao Town and Aki Ota Town, even beginners can experience kayaking with confidence. If you're lucky, you might even encounter finless porpoises in sea kayaking. And how about cycling in Etajima ?

If you get tired of playing, you can spend lunch or tea time at an open cafe by the waterside in Hiroshima.

At the Sera Kogen Farm, a sunflower festival is held, and you can enjoy sera burgers and herbal teas.

Also, don't miss the summer tradition of Iwakuni, Kintaikyo Cormorant fishing, which has a 400-year history.

1. Kintaikyo Cormorant fishing


Cormorant fishing has been practiced for about 400 years in Nishiki river, where you can find the Kintaikyo Bridge. On the east side of Kintaikyo, there is a cormorant breeding facility “Kikko U No Sato” right near the Iwakuni Ropeway platform. You can see the state of cormorants in the daytime.

Every year on the first Saturday of August, “Fireworks Cormorant Sightseeing” is held, and in addition to regular cormorant fishing, you can enjoy about 6,000 launch fireworks on board.

【Kintaikyo Bridge cormorant fishing
Iwakuni 1-chome, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi

2. Shirakabe Townscape


In the town of white walls district of Yanai City, there are rows of Edo period merchant houses. It was called the storage space of the Iwakuni Domain during the domain administration period. It was a busy town street.

Cute goldfish lanterns are displayed on the eaves throughout the year, and during the summer Yanai Goldfish Lantern Festival, the goldfish lanterns are lit up.

[Townscape of white wall]
Yanaizu (Furuichi/Kanaya), Yanai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

3. Hirao town Sea Kayak


The recommended time for sea kayaking is from April to October. Beginners can also enjoy it with peace of mind. If you're lucky, you can meet finless porpoises, which are said to be the smallest whale in the world. Finless porpoises are vigilant creatures, so if you meet them by chance, you are lucky.

【Hirao town Sea Kayak】
2056-2 Saga, Hirao-cho, Kumage-gun, Yamaguchi

4. Kayaking experience (Sandankyo Gorge, Aki Ota Town)


You can experience kayaking at Sandankyo Rapido Kayak School in Aki Ota Town. If you are interested in kayaking, there is no problem even if you are an inexperienced person. Since we use a highly stable boat called a fan kayak, it is unlikely that it will turn over. After practicing paddle operation on land, let's float on the calm surface of the water.

[Kayak experience (Sandankyo, Akiota-cho)]
Entrance to Shibakisandankyo, Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima

5. Open cafe by the water


As one of our plan for the project “Hiroshima, the City of Water,” we are developing open cafes on the waterfront in the Kyobashi River and the Motoyasu River. Why don't you spend a relaxing time at fashionable cafes and restaurants on the waterside while feeling the green trees and refreshing breeze? There are many shops where you can stop by for lunch, tea time, and dinner.

[Open cafe by the water]
Kyobashi River and Motoyasu River in Naka-ku and Minami Ward, Hiroshima

6. Underground Kingdom Mikawa Mu Valley


The site of a tungsten mine has been reborn as a mysterious underground kingdom. When you step into the world of darkness guided by the lantern lights, you will find the world of the ancient Incas and the legendary Mu continent.

In addition to the adventure-type main attraction, there are many facilities where you can also enjoy gold dust mining and natural stone drilling. The average temperature is 16 degrees Celsius throughout the year, so you can enjoy it in all weather.

【Underground Kingdom Mikawa Mu Valley】
1564-1 Negasa, Mikawa-cho, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi

7. Cycling (Etajima City)


Etajima is an island located about 25 minutes by high-speed boat from Hiroshima City, about 40 minutes by ferry, 10 minutes by high-speed boat from Kure, and about 20 minutes by ferry. There are various courses on the island, from flatlands to hill climbs, and there are few traffic and traffic lights, and it is ideal for cycling. Some teams visit to practice LSD (Long Slow Distance), which runs slowly over long distances.

【Cycling (Etajima City)】
Etajima, Hiroshima

8. Sera Kogen Farm (Sunflower)


The Sunflower Festival is held at Sera Kogen Farm from late July to late August. 1.1 million sunflowers of 50 varieties dye yellow on a hill wider than the Mazda Stadium. There is a farm restaurant where you can enjoy barbecues and burgers, a flower cafe where you can enjoy herbal tea, and hands-on menus and events that children can enjoy.

[Sera Kogen Farm (Sunflower)]
1124-11, Besako, Sera-cho, Hiroshima

9. Katazoegahama Seaside Park


Katazoegahama Seaside Park is full of tropical moods, such as a wide open white beach with phoenix and a path lined with palm trees, crowded with many bathers.

There are also auto camping sites, Katazoegahama Onsen, resort hotels, etc., and you can enjoy fishing, sports, camping, mandarin orange picking throughout the four seasons.

10. Tsutsumigaura Nature Park


The Tsutsumigaura Nature Park in Miyajima is a leisure spot where you can enjoy the sea and mountains. In summer, a swimming beach is set up on a 200-metre sandy beach. Campsites and tennis courts are also available. Accommodation cabins are available for families and groups. We also rent equipment necessary for camping and barbecuing, and playground equipment. For fishing on recreational fishing boats, cruising such as one lap around the island can be requested separately.

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