Cruises aren't just for the Seto Inland Sea!

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The city of Hiroshima, where six rivers flow, is also called the “City of Water”. A river cruise with views of the Atomic Bomb Dome and the townscape of Hiroshima is also a unique way to enjoy Hiroshima, where there are many rivers. Pleasure boats around the moat of Hiroshima Castle also operate. Introducing not only Setouchi cruises, but also Hiroshima cruise information.


You can also enjoy a cruise in the city of Hiroshima ♪

Hiroshima is known as the “City of Water.” Why don't you enjoy a river cruise with views of the Atomic Bomb Dome and the cityscape of Hiroshima from the water? We will also introduce a cruise that takes you off the coast of Hiroshima Port.

Let's see the Atomic Bomb Dome from a cruise ship

See the Atomic Bomb Dome from a cruise ship
6-seater RUNRUN
Set sail from the Gen'an Pier

【25】Hiroshima River Cruise <Cruise Experience/Regular Service>

Boarding from the Motoyasu Pier, which is right near the Atomic Bomb Dome, and you will walk on the water for about 25 minutes. You can watch the center of Hiroshima while listening to tourist guides. In spring, cherry blossoms are in full bloom on the riverbed, and you can enjoy a cruise like cherry blossom viewing. There are 9 tours a day (subject to change).

Water taxis unique to Hiroshima, the city of water

Board the boat from a stepped pier called a gangi
Look up at the Atomic Bomb Dome from the ship

【26】Gangi Taxi <Cruise Experience & Transportation Means/Regular Operation>

“Gangi” is a stepped pier on the riverbank. The water taxi that used this place as a departure and arrival point is “Gangi Taxi”. It is unique to Hiroshima, the city of water, that you can enjoy traveling like a cruise. Kyobashi's open cafe, Shukkeien, There is a sightseeing course that goes back and forth from Hiroshima Station.

Go around the moat

Operate every 10 to 20 minutes
A majestic castle tower

【27】Hiroshima Castle Pleasure Boat <Cruise Experience/Regular Service>

Hiroshima Castle was built by Sengoku warlord Mori Motonari. It was burned down by the atomic bombing, but it was restored in 1958. You can take a sightseeing boat to see the majestic castle, stone walls, atomic bombed trees, and the surrounding cityscape. About 35 minutes while listening to the information of Hiroshima Castle Omotenashi Corps “Koimizuki” Why don't you enjoy the tour of?

Lunch & Dinner Cruise from Hiroshima Port to Seto Inland Sea


【28】Hiroshima Bay Cruise Galaxy <Cruise Experience/Regular Service>

A cruise ship that sails off the coast of Hiroshima Port. The biggest attraction is that you can enjoy a cruise while enjoying a course meal prepared by the chef. There are lunch cruises and dinner cruises, so you can spend an elegant time on board. On the lunch cruise, if you have an option, you can also disembark sightseeing in Miyajima (in that case, use a high-speed boat on the way back).

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