See the streets of Onomichi and the islands of Setouchi from a boat

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Onomichi, where you can see the beautiful archipelago, is one of the best viewing spots in Setouchi. There is a beautiful port town that has been certified as a Japan Heritage Site, and the scenery you can see from the ship is one of the attractions. Onomichi is also the gateway for ferries to the islands of the Shimanami Kaido. Make good use of it and plan a fun trip.


Ferries crossing Onomichi and the islands

Onomichi is a port town with a “miniature garden city” that has been certified as a Japan Heritage Site. It is also the gateway to the Shimanami Kaido, where ferries and ferries connect Mukaijima, Innoshima, and Ikuchijima. Why don't you enjoy the scenery of Onomichi on a cruise, or experience the beauty of the archipelago while traveling to the islands?

Overlooking the town of the slope from the boat

Overlooking the townscape of Onomichi from the Onomichi Suido
Onomichi Ohashi and Shin-Onomichi Ohashi Bridges can also be seen

【12】Onomichi Suido Cruise <Cruise experience/charter operation>

Take a leisurely cruise through the scenic Onomichi Channel between Onomichi and Mukojima. A huge shipyard, Onomichi Ohashi with two bridges lined up This is a 50 minute course that goes around the Shin-Onomichi Ohashi Bridge. You can enjoy the unique townscape of Onomichi, where houses and temples are dotted along the slopes, from the boat. It will be handled by chartered flights. Please check before going out.

A Nice Scenery ! Crossing the Onomichi Channel

Currently, three companies operate, and the ports that arrive and depart from each company are different
The width of the Onomichi Channel is about 200~500m

【13】Ferry (Mukaijima ⇔ Onomichi/Regular service)

If you want to travel to Mukaijima on the other side of Onomichi, we recommend ferrying a ferry that is still active as a foot for citizens. It's only a 3-5 minute boat trip, but the atmosphere is perfect! One boarding is reasonably priced at around 100 yen, and there are also ferries where you can carry a bicycle or car (additional fee required). Mukaijima is dotted with attractive shops, from old-fashioned retro shops to trendy cafes and shops. It is also recommended to enjoy island hopping by bicycle.

Ride a bicycle with you to the islands of the Shimanami Kaido

Lazuli that can load a bicycle as it is
Lazuli that can load a bicycle as it is
Citrus that operates mainly on weekdays
Enjoy cruising and cycling

【14】Cycle Ship Lazuri <Innoshima & Ikuchijima ⇔ Onomichi/ Regular service >

A high-speed boat that supports the Shimanami Kaido, a sacred place for cyclists by sea. There are two types of hulls: “Cycle Ship Lazuli,” which operates mainly on Saturdays and Sundays, and “Citrus,” which operates mainly on weekdays, and both of them can be loaded without cycling bicycles. If you make good use of boats and bicycles, you can fully enjoy the Shimanami Kaido even if you don't have a car!

Onomichi and Tomonoura Go back and forth between two tasteful port towns by boat

Connecting two port towns certified as Japan Heritage sites
Onomichi is known as the town of slopes
The nightlight is a symbol of Tomonoura

【15】Onomichi-Tomonoura route <Onomichi⇔Tomonoura/ Seasonal service >

This route connects the two ports selected as Japan Heritage Sites, Onomichi and Tomonoura, and operates on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from March to November. If you access from land, you will need to transfer trains and buses, but this route allows you to travel in one stop. Enjoy the historical townscape seen from the sea and the beauty of the archipelago unique to the Seto Inland Sea.

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