The view from the trekking road and the summit is impressive enough!

  • The summit of Mt. Azuma
  • Mt. Azuma (left) and Mt. Hiba (right)
  • Mt. Dogo in summer
  • Sandankyo (Autumn in Kurobuchi)
  • Fresh green dinarhats
  • Misen
  • The summit of Mt. Azuma
  • Mt. Azuma (left) and Mt. Hiba (right)
  • Mt. Dogo in summer
  • Sandankyo (Autumn in Kurobuchi)
  • Fresh green dinarhats
  • Misen

There is a superb view! There is a power spot! From the Seto Inland Sea to the Chugoku Mountains, let's enjoy the mountain scenery unique to Hiroshima, where you can enjoy various landscapes. Here are some of the most famous trekking spots in Hiroshima that beginners and families can enjoy.

Mt. Dogo

Mt. Dogo in summer
View from Mt. Dogo
Hanaoud on Mt. Dogo
Trekking road leading to the summit

The view from the spacious summit is amazing!

Mt. Dogo is one of the 300 most famous mountains in Japan. The view from the summit at an altitude of 1,268 m is magnificent, and on a clear day you can see even the Shimane Peninsula. The climbing course is about 300m from the Tsukimigaoka parking lot at an altitude of 1,000m, so it is perfect for beginners and families alike! It is a treasure trove of rare flora and fauna, including a number of alpine plants, and early summer azaleas and weigela are also wonderful.

Mt. Hiba

Mt. Hibayama Misasagi
Beech pure forest of Mt. Hibayama, a national natural treasure (Photo cooperation: Shobara Sightseeing Navi)
Beech forests haze in the mist
Hibayama mountain range

The stage of mythology, Mt. Hiba

Mt. Hiba is known as the mountain of faith that appears in the “Kojiki”. There is a huge stone which is said to be the mausoleum of Izanami no Mikoto, and it is known as a power spot.

Near the summit, the nationally designated natural monument “Hiba Mountain Beech Pure Forest” spreads, and colors the mountain beautifully during the season of fresh green and autumn leaves. There are various courses, such as a family-friendly course that goes around the stone in about 3 hours and 20 minutes, to a course that goes around the sights of Mt. Hiba in about 5 hours. Let's have fun according to the purpose.
Click here for the beech pure forest of Mt. Hiba.

Photo cooperation: Shobara Kanko Navi (2nd)

Mt. Azuma

Mt. Azuma (Photo taken in September, Photo cooperation: Shobara Kanko Navi)
The summit of Mt. Azuma
Mt. Agatsuma autumn leaves

A mountain for beginners where climbing to the summit is easy

Mt. Azuma is a mountain for beginners with a beech forest and natural grass grassland. From the fresh green of spring to the first snow in late autumn, you can enjoy the colorful wilderness. Departing from Mt. Azuma Lodge located at an altitude of 1,000 meters, you can see the vast grassland “Daizenbara” that stretches between Mt. Azuma and Mt. Eboshi, to the summit in about 40-50 minutes. At the top, there is nothing that obstructs 360 degrees, so you can enjoy the view. A yoga event is also held in early September, and it is also popular with mountain girls.

Photo cooperation: Shobara Kanko Navi (1st)

Sandankyo Gorge

Be healed by the negative ions of the clear stream
Nidan Falls
Sandan Falls
Autumn at Mitsu Falls

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Great Canyon!

The special scenic spot “Sandankyo Gorge” in Aki Ota town is one of the best trekking spots boasting clear streams and beautiful green valleys.

There is a 13km promenade from the entrance of Sandankyo Gorge to the Hijiri Lake. In this large valley, you can see the five major landscapes : Kurobuchi, Sarutobi, Nidan Falls, and Sandan Falls ! The beauty of the season of fresh green in spring and autumn foliage is a great art created by nature. Among them, Sarutobi is a must-see : a group of monkeys flew around a steep rock wall with a width of 2 to 3 meters and a height of 20 meters.

There is no road from Sarutobi to Nidantaki, so take a ferry and enjoy the spectacular view unique to going up the river. It takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes if you want to break the total length of 13 kilometers. We also recommend the 2-hour and 3-hour walking courses.

Mt. Osorakan

The beech grove of Dinarhats
Dinarakan Hike
The highest peak in Hiroshima prefecture, Mt. Dinarakan

The highest peak in Hiroshima prefecture covered with rich forests

The highest peak in Hiroshima prefecture, Mt. Osorakan at an altitude of 1346 meters.

There are mountain trails according to physical strength, such as the Natsuyaki Course, the Former Rakan Course, the Nakanoko/Daidokorohara Course, and the Tateyama Course. Those are famous courses between people who enjoy trekking from spring to autumn.

The road from the trailhead to Natsuyaki Pass is a therapy road, so you can relax while enjoying forest bathing. On the back side of the summit, there is a forest of giant beech, zelkova, and Japanese oak trees with a diameter of 1m and a height of over 20m, so you can feel the richness of nature! In the season of fresh green and yellow leaves, you can enjoy an even more beautiful beech forest.

Mt. Misen

Seto Inland Sea seen from the summit
Giant rocks that are far above their height
Mountain trails

It's also popular as a power spot!

It is a 535 meter high mountain that rises behind Itsukushima Shrine, and has been worshipped as a sacred moutain since ancient times. The view from the summit is superb, and while you can see the beautiful archipelago unique to the Seto Inland Sea, there are strange rocks and huge rocks rumbling around. A mystical sight that has never been seen unfolds and is filled with sacred air.

There are mountain trails up to the summit, and there are three courses, including a course that walks through the Misen Primeval Forest, which is designated as a natural monument, and historic sites scattered around Mt. Misen.

Choose a reasonable course according to your time, physical strength, and preference.

alt="This is also recommended! A superb view overlooking the beauty of the archipelago of the Seto Inland Sea “Mount Noro and Mt. Kamine”

[Featured column]
This is also recommended! “Mt. Noro and Kamine” that overlooks the beautiful archipelago of the Seto Inland Sea
~ Enjoy the scenery of the sea while trekking! ~

<Ryozen/Mt. Noro>
Mt. Noro at an altitude of 839 meters boasts one of the most scenic beauty in the Seto Inland Sea National Park, and has been worshipped as a sacred mountain since ancient times, where Kobo Daishi trained twice.
Near the summit, there is an observation deck, rock sea where huge stones and strange rocks are densely clustered, and facilities such as accommodation facilities such as Noro Kogen Lodge, camping ground, auto camping site, and brush making museum are also maintained. There is also the Chugoku nature trail, mountain trails, and promenades, so you can enjoy trekking easily.

<Mt. Kamine where you can see 115 islands>
Kannomineyama is located on Osakikamijima Island at an elevation of 453 meters. The trail to the summit is dotted with cute Jizo statues, and Ishizuchi Shrine and Yakushido are enshrined at the top, and it is also popular as a mountain of worship.
You can enjoy a 360-degree panorama from the summit, and you can see 115 islands on a clear day.

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