Enjoy the mountains with popular trekking and soothing forest baths!

  • Azumayama
  • Sandankyo
  • Yayoi summit
  • Forest Therapy® accompanied by a therapy guide (Akiota Town)
  • Azumayama
  • Sandankyo
  • Yayoi summit
  • Forest Therapy® accompanied by a therapy guide (Akiota Town)

Hiroshima prefecture faces the Seto Inland Sea but can enjoy skiing in winter, and there are plenty other ways to enjoy mountains and forests! During the green season, there are many power spots where you can enjoy trekking and forest bathing. Please also try “Forest Therapy®”, which is a popular way to enjoy a new forest that is different from trekking!

Let's enjoy the mountains

View from the summit of Mt. Azuma
Misen mountain trail with abundant greenery
Relax while enjoying the scenery “Shinrin Therapy®” (Jinsekikogen Town)

Enjoy the blessings of nature!

From the Seto Inland Sea to the Chugoku Mountains, Hiroshima prefecture has plenty of natural blessings from both the sea and mountains. You can enjoy the natural scenery of each season.
There are many mountains that are relatively easy to climb and trekking roads for beginners. They are known by famous mountain climbing enthusiasts as well as people who enjoy mountains in various ways such as trekking and forest bathing. Recently, the forest bathing experience “Forest Therapy®,” which has advanced one step further, is also popular. A day spent in the forest surrounded by greenery full of vision brings rich healing.

Let's go trekking!

Climbers going through the verdant forest of Dinarhats
Sandankyo in autumn
Seto Inland Sea seen from the summit of Mt. Misen

There are also recommended trekking spots for beginners and families!

There are many attractive trekking spots in Hiroshima prefecture! Hiba Dogo Taishaku Quasi-National Park, located in the northeastern part of Hiroshima prefecture, has Mt. Azuma for beginners, Mt. Dogo, which is a treasure trove of rare animals and plants including alpine plants, and the mythical stage, Mount Hiba, which is also popular among mountain girls.
Also, Sandankyo, a special scenic spot in Aki Ota Town, is one of the best trekking spots boasting clear streams and beautiful green valleys. There are many other spots where you can enjoy the real thrill of the mountain, such as Mt. Osorakan, the highest peak in the prefecture, and Mt. Misen, where you can see the beautiful archipelago of the Seto Inland Sea from the summit!

Let's enjoy the mountain to the fullest according to physical strength and purpose.

Forest therapy : A new way to enjoy the mountain

Akiota Town, the first in Hiroshima prefecture to be certified as a forest therapy base
Therapy Road in Jinsekikogen

Your mind and body will be healed by a one-step advanced forest bathing experience

Forest therapy is a new way to enjoy the forest, which is different from trekking or hiking. It aims to maintain and improve mental and physical health, and prevent disease while enjoying the forest.

In Hiroshima prefecture, you can enjoy forest therapy in Akiota Town and Jinsekikogen Town. Under the guidance of a guide, make meaningful use of the field of nature, and refresh your mind and body by taking a deep breath or lying on the earth! Model courses and recommended programs are available, so feel free to join us !

The town of forest therapy “Akiota Town”

Experience a hammock in the woods

The first forest therapy base in Hiroshima prefecture

Aki Ota, surrounded by the rich nature of the vast Chugoku Mountains, was certified as a forest therapy base for the first time in Hiroshima prefecture in March 2012. There are five therapy roads set up in the base, and Akiota Satoyama guides (including forest therapists and therapy guides) prepare the optimal program according to the participants' physical strength and wishes. Each therapy road has its own healing points, so you can relax as much as possible. Talk to your guide and choose your favorite therapy road!

The town of forest therapy “Jinsekikogen Town”

Therapy road where fresh green is dazzling

Therapy experience on a lush plateau

Jinsekikogen-cho was certified as a therapy base in 2014. There are two therapy roads in the base, the Senyogahara area and the Taishakukyo area, and the Shinryuko area, and the Senyogahara area is also used as a cycling road, so wheelchairs can also be used. You can also enjoy forest therapy with therapy dogs, which will be the first nationwide base.

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