This is an information site where you can find all 10 ski resorts in Hiroshima prefecture.


Chugoku Shimbun “News from the slopes”


Timely update information on 10 ski resorts in Hiroshima prefecture!

You can see snow accumulation information for each facility and articles published in the Chugoku Shimbun.

Event information


Introducing fun and advantageous event information!

Click here for ski resort event information!

Ski resort information


Introducing 10 ski resorts in Hiroshima prefecture. Where would you go ?

Hiroshima Prefecture is a gather of ski resorts located at the southern limit of Japan. There are also many full-fledged courses where you can slide long distances with good snow quality. Here we will introduce 10 ski resorts in Hiroshima prefecture.

Let's camp in winter!


Camping in a fantastic place where snow falls ⛺
Why don't you enjoy Fuyuyama to the fullest?

My first day trip skiing


♥ Go on my first day ski trip!

Two good friends ♥ Try skiing for the first time! You can borrow various things such as snowboards and wear, so there is little luggage and it is safe for girls alone ♪

Both Dad and Mom are very satisfied! Ski plan for 2 days and 1 night


Both Dad and Mom are very satisfied!

Bringing my first grade daughter to ski and hot springs! There is a snow play space where the whole family can enjoy with peace a variety of courses from beginners to advanced level.

Ski Bus & Tour


Go straight to skiing from Hiroshima city center, Fukuyama, Onomichi, and Mihara!

Prices and terms and conditions are subject to change, so please check with your travel agency or transportation agency for the latest information.

Hiroshima Road Navigation (Road Disaster Prevention Information System) Road Camera, Winter Road Information


Hiroshima Road Navigation (road live camera, winter road information)

You can check the road conditions in Hiroshima prefecture.
※Depending on snow conditions, it may be necessary to install chains or winter tyres. Please check the road conditions before going out.

The first and third Saturdays of January and February are “Children's Day”


* This contents vary from ski resort to ski resort.

Various limited plans will be held for each ski resort, such as advantageous price settings and family-friendly events.

A great service only for the 19 and 20 years old !


Lift tickets for 19-year-olds and 20-year-olds are great deals!

In this plan, slope-lift tickets will be free for 19-year-olds only, and slope-lift tickets will be up to half price for 20-year-olds only.
*Not all ski resorts in Hiroshima prefecture are eligible.
Please check the applicable ski resorts before going out.

Information on hot springs and bathing around ski resorts

Geihoku Oak Garden
Megadaira Onsen Couvere Yoshiwa
Megadaira Onsen Couvere Yoshiwa
Hibagonkyo Onsen Suzuran no Yu
Nukui Springs

After playing at the ski resort, you can relax at hot springs and bathing facilities.

There are hot springs and bathing facilities around the ski area in Hiroshima prefecture.
After enjoying skiing, let's warm up and heal your body.
We will introduce hot springs and bathing facilities in Kitahiroshima Town, Shobara City, Hatsukaichi City, and Aki Ota Town where ski resorts are located.

Recommended gourmet food in the ski area

Hiba gyudon (Shobara City Kenmin no Mori)
Takano apples
Kitahiroshima-cho game dish “button nabe”
Kitahiroshima-cho game cuisine
Yasai sushi
Akiota-cho tsukemono yakisoba
Kitahiroshima-cho game cuisine

Be sure to try it after playing in the snow!

The rich ingredients produced by the Chugoku Mountains are fused with local traditional culture.
Your heart and stomach will be very satisfied after playing in the snow!
Introducing delicious gourmet foods from Shobara City, Hatsukaichi City, Akiota Town, and Kitahiroshima Town.

Accommodation information around the ski resort

Geihoku Highland Hotel

After having fun at the ski resort, relax leisurely at your accommodation.

If you stay at a facility with a ski resort or nearby facilities, you can enjoy it to the fullest from early in the morning!
I also enjoy local gourmet food.

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