• Momiji manju
  • “Setoda Lemon Cake” from around the island
  • JA Mihara's “Powdered Drink Furusato Lemon”
  • Kyorakudo's “Hitotsubu no Muscat”
  • “Creamepan” by Hattendo
  • Asamurasaki's “oyster soy sauce”
  • Maruichi Shoten's “Whole Oyster Senbei”
  • Saijo liquor
  • Bakken Mozart's “Various Tales of Sake”
  • Kumano brush
  • Momiji manju
  • “Setoda Lemon Cake” from around the island
  • JA Mihara's “Powdered Drink Furusato Lemon”
  • Kyorakudo's “Hitotsubu no Muscat”
  • “Creamepan” by Hattendo
  • Asamurasaki's “oyster soy sauce”
  • Maruichi Shoten's “Whole Oyster Senbei”
  • Saijo liquor
  • Bakken Mozart's “Various Tales of Sake”
  • Kumano brush

From standard souvenirs to sweets using local specialties, and alcoholic beverages that are known throughout the country, there are many souvenirs that are appreciated in Hiroshima! You can also get in touch with the history of Hiroshima by getting to know traditional crafts that have been handed down since ancient times. Don’t forget to give yourself a gift that will be a memory of your trip!

The royal road of Hiroshima souvenir “Momiji Manju”

Momiji manju with a variety of flavors
Nishikido's “raw maple” with a chewy texture
Freshly fried and crispy, “fried maple” from Momijido
“Momiji Oboro Oboro” by Bakken Mozart, a maple-shaped Western confectionery
A Chinese-brewed “Momiji Manju Sake” that looks cute

There are a wide variety of products, from standard products to changeable items

Speaking of Hiroshima souvenirs, after all, momiji manju! The famous confectionery that represents Hiroshima is delicious enough to be appreciated by anyone. New faces with new flavors full of ideas and unusual textures are also appearing one after another.

A souvenir made with a refreshing “Setouchi Hiroshima lemon”

“Setoda Lemon Cake” from around the island
“Lemon Cider” by JA Hiroshima Fruit Ren
JA Mihara's “Powdered Drink Furusato Lemon”
Yamato Foods “Remosco & Remosco RED”
“Squid Amasetouchi Lemon Flavor” by Maruka Foods

A wide selection of citrus sweets. There are also popular products featured in national newspapers!

Hiroshima, blessed with a warm climate in the Setouchi region, produces the largest amount of lemons in Japan. There are many products that use “Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon” such as drinking water, snacks, and seasonings, mainly refreshing citrus sweets.

Sweets recommended by Hiroshimakko

“Hassaku Daifuku” by Hassaku Ya
Kameya's “Kawadori Mochi”
Nagasakido's “Butter Cake”
Kyorakudo's “Hitotsubu no Muscat”
“Freshly baked karasu barley cookies” by Bakken Mozart
“Creamepan” by Hattendo
“Melonpan” by melonpan

From traditional Japanese sweets to unique sweets

Sweets are indispensable for “sweet memories of travel” in Hiroshima. From unique products unique to Hiroshima to bestsellers that have been loved locally for a long time, they are delicious enough to eat everything.

“Processed Hiroshima oysters” where the deliciousness of oysters is condensed

Kurasaki Suisan's “Oysters pickled in oil”
“Kakimeshi no Moto” from the delicacy restaurant Nakamura
Masuyamisono's “Oyster Bank Pot Base”
Asamurasaki's “oyster soy sauce”
Hiroshima seaweed's “oyster soy sauce seasoned seaweed”
Maruichi Shoten's “Whole Oyster Senbei”

Enjoy the blessings of the Seto Inland Sea

“Hiroshima oysters” boast the largest production volume in Japan. Processed products that you can enjoy even after returning to your home are perfect as souvenirs. Here are some recommendations that are irresistible for oyster lovers, with a tightly condensed umami.

Traditional crafts from Hiroshima where craftsmanship is handed down

Kumano brush that conveys tradition to the present
Miyajima Shakushi has a history of more than 200 years
Miyajima-yaki, which is said to have originated when ritual vessels were made by putting sand from Itsukushima Shrine
Papier mache is also popular as a lucky charm
Miyajima carving handed down since the Edo period
Bingo Kashi boasts a tradition of nearly 170 years
Onomichi Hanpu is attracting attention as a fashion accessory

Why don't you search for masterpieces of craftsmanship that remain today through time and skill

Hiroshima has traditional techniques nurtured by history and climate. Thoughts put into handiwork, one by one. Craftsmanship shines in a variety of things, from practical items to ornaments.

This is exactly Hiroshima's “sake”

The cityscape of Saijo
Saijo liquor
Bakken Mozart's “Various Tales of Sake”
Sakuraya's “Barrel Monaka”
Andersen's “Kamotsuru Japanese Sake Cake”
“Suppin Kirei Soap” by Kame Age Sake Brewery
Sera Winery
Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery

Let's find the best sake in Hiroshima

Hiroshima meets the three conditions necessary for sake brewing: rice, water, and climate. It is a famous brewery with more than 50 breweries scattered throughout the prefecture. The flavors vary depending on the area where they are built, so let’s walk around the land and look for one of your favorites. We also recommend wineries that have a selection of locally produced wines that go well with Hiroshima gourmet food.

Supporting goods that any Carp fan should definitely get


If you have all the goods, are you a good Carp fan too?!

Here are some goods that you definitely want to have if you are a Carp fan. If you have this, there is no doubt that you can enjoy watching the Carp by 120%! There are also many goods that you can use everyday, such as hats, towels, and scrunchies that are great for women. There are also souvenirs that collaborated with the Carp.

Get Hiroshima souvenirs here!

Hiroshima Yume Plaza
Hiroshima Bus Center
JR Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Meitengai
Hiroshima Airport

Choose a souvenir at a store with an abundance of local specialties and specialties

If you want to buy various souvenirs in bulk, you can go to shops in the city or at the airport, which have a wide selection of goods. You can also buy popular items at souvenir shops, service areas, and roadside stations in the prefecture, so be sure to stop by during your trip.

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