Let's go meet the adorable rabbits

Known as Rabbit Island, “Okunoshima” is always on the top of the popular spot rankings in Hiroshima prefecture. In this special feature, we will introduce “Okunoshima” as a healing spot, including how to interact with rabbits.

What is Okunoshima ?


It's an island where you can make one lap even by walking slowly

It is about 15 minutes by boat from Tadano-umi Port in Takehara City. Okunoshima is a small island with a circumference of about 4 km, a little west of the Shimanami Kaido that connects the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

It is a Seto Inland Sea National Park, and you can enjoy the change of nature every season. A swimming beach, a campsite, a lawn plaza decorated with South Sea plants and a ground spread out, and you can enjoy meals, lodging, and hot springs at “Kyukamura Okunoshima,” which is the only accommodation spot on the island.

In addition, there are more than 700 wild rabbits inhabiting the island, and it is crowded with tourists throughout the year.

Tadano-umi Port, the gateway to Okunoshima


You can fully enjoy the trip because you can only go to Okunoshima by ferry

A ferry is essential to get to Okunoshima. The gateway is Tadanoumi Port in Takehara City. It is recommended that you prepare thoroughly so that you don't have any trouble arriving at Okunoshima. Here, we will introduce information on restaurants in and around Tadanoumi Port.

Come on, let's be healed by rabbits


Rabbits are delicate and weak creatures. Be careful when interacting with them!

Come on and let's go to Okunoshima, and interact with rabbits. However, there are various rules for how to interact with rabbits. Here, in addition to information about rabbits, we will introduce rules, food, and recommended photo spots with rabbits. Make sure to follow the rules properly and treat rabbits.

Walk around town in the mood of a rabbit

Rabbit curry (Roadside Station Takehara Le Bamboo)
Mupyeong (Takehara Sea Station Blue Harbor)
A fluffy busse of a good friend rabbit (Takehara Ekimae Suehirodo)
Usa Oko (Townscape Preservation District Okonomiyaki Horikawa)
Rabbit's soft (Okunoshima USANCHU Cafe)
Rice rabbit (Tadanoumi Asahinaya)

Rabbit lunch cafe

I want people to enjoy the feeling of rabbits not only in Okunoshima, but also in the city.
With that in mind, we have prepared lunches, cafe menus, and souvenirs with rabbit motifs centered on shops in the three shopping districts in the city!
Please enjoy walking around the town in the mood of a rabbit.

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