Hiroshima Onsen Tour

  • Nukui Onsen
  • Kinoe Onsen
  • Oh Asa Narutaki Open-air Hot Spring
  • Kimita Onsen
  • Marumiero ten
  • Nukui Onsen
  • Kinoe Onsen
  • Oh Asa Narutaki Open-air Hot Spring
  • Kimita Onsen
  • Marumiero ten

The season when you miss hot springs has arrived!
Speaking of hot springs, neighboring Yamaguchi prefecture and Shimane prefecture are famous...
But, there are many hot springs in Hiroshima too!
A scenic hot spring overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, a nature-rich hot spring surrounded by mountains, a hot spring where you can soak in nostalgia, a spa full of openness...

Relax in a scenic hot spring overlooking Setouchi

The calm sea and archipelago spreading out in front of you. It is unique to Hiroshima that you can enjoy this superb view.

Kinoe Onsen Hotel Seifukan

What spreads out below is the view of Seto dotted with beautiful islands,

Marumie Roten

An open-air bath with a view of Miyahama Onsen, the closest hot spring village from Miyajima.

Hote Ofutei

A resort nestled in Tomonoura with beautiful and calm waves.

Keishokan Sazanamitei (Tomonoura Onsen)

An open-air bath with a superb view of Sensuijima in Tomo.

Miyahama Beni Mansaku no Yu

The open-air bath that overlooks Miyajima on the other side is popular.

Hiroshima Onsen Seto no Yu (Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima)

A hot spring with a superb view of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea spreading beneath you.

Smile in a hot spring in front of mountains and be healed by nature

Cherry blossoms in spring, green in summer, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery in winter. While enjoying the colors of the four seasons.

Oh Asa Narutaki Open-air Hot Spring

An open-air hot spring surrounded by a grove near the scenic spot “Narutaki”.

Yuki Onsen

While listening to the sound of babbling at “Hiroshima's Okuzashiki”

Kimita Onsen Mori no Izumi

A famous hot spring known as “Bijin-no-yu”.

Nukui Onsen

It stands quietly on the shores of the beautiful Lake Ryuhime.

Yoshiwa Miwaku no Sato

A hot spring where you can fully enjoy the nature of Yoshiwa.

Geihoku Oak Garden

Enjoy the yamanami of the Chugoku Mountains

Megahira Onsen Quelle Yoshiwa

Feel the nature of Yoshiwa up close.

Takamiya Yu no Mori

A hot spring with a panoramic view of the rich countryside.

Get moist at the spacious spa

A superb relaxation spot that keeps your skin moist and your mind light.

Onomichi Hirahara Onsen Poppo no Yu

Relax in a variety of baths, including a spacious open-air bath.

Kurhaus Yunoyama

A space for exercise and healing, equipped with 14 types of baths, saunas, pools, etc. where you can enter in swimsuits.

(CLOSED) Showa Onsenkyo Yurakuri

Enjoy the Showa atmosphere while soaking in various types of baths and saunas.

Natural Hot Spring Kurahashi Katsurahama Onsenkan

Roman bath-style “stone bath”, “sea bath” with a tropical mood

Onomichi Fureai no Sato

A total of 14 types of baths, including the only plasma large bathtub in western Japan.

Relax in a nostalgic hot spring

Spend a special time at a hot spring with a retro atmosphere that appears in a movie.

Jinsekikogen Onsen

Radon no yu boils in Jinseki Kogen.

Ryuzu Onsen

A natural radon hot spring in the roadside station “Toyohira Donguri Village”.

Kagura Monzen Toji Mura

A nostalgic world that seems to have returned to Japan when I was a child.

Sera Onsen

A hot spring where you can take a leisurely bath and enjoy theater.

Hiwa Onsen Akebono Sou

A retro hot spring located at the foot of Mt. Agatsuma and Fukuda head.

Tojo Onsen

You can also enjoy the starry sky at night in the open-air bath.

Enchanted by the hot springs of a luxurious inn

Refresh your mind and body at the finest lodging and hot springs.

Miyahama Onsen Teien no Yado Sekitei 

Relax in the indoor bath of the cypress and the open-air bath open to the sky.

Bellavista Spa & Marina Onomichi

A spa with a superb view of Shimanami.

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