• Fire Matsuri
  • Island Matsuri
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  • Fire Matsuri
  • Island Matsuri
  • Sea Matsuri

Innoshima, which is related to the Murakami Zanzai, holds the “Innoshima Suigun Festival,” which consists of three festivals every year. In three parts: the “Island Festival” where warlords wearing armor and helmet appear, the “Fire Festival” where fantastic Otorimei parades in the dark, and the “Komahaya (Kohaya)” race that reproduces the ship used by the Murakami pirates. It’s configured. Each of the festivals held over three times has different highlights, so please try it out.

“Island Festival” thanking our predecessors for the success of the festival

The ceremonies of warrior departures are in full swing and exciting
Everyone gathers and raises the kachidoki of “When It Comes to the Battle”
Men wearing warriors gather at the seaside

It's a lot of excitement at the climax of Kachidoki

Warriors wearing brave armor hold a departure ceremony, and a “fire walking ceremony” is held, which is shared by the head of Innoshima Murakami Yoshimitsu, who received the sacred fire, to each castle lord. There is also a “tariquot award ceremony,” which distributes participation permits “tarikuto” to participating teams participating in the “Juraku Dance” performed at the “Fire Festival” from each castle lord, and to the “Kobayashi Race” participating teams held at the Sea Festival. Participants gather at the climax, raise the kachidoki of departure, and liven up the festival.

I'm impressed by the fantastic appearance of warriors! “Fire Festival”

The appearance of Akira Omatsu parading is impressive
A large number of warriors gather on the beach at night
Fireworks will be launched at the end of the fire festival

The appearance of a large gathering of warriors is one word of masterpiece

A large gathering of armor warriors with torches on the beach at night. The sight of warriors entering the battle under fire in the dark is a masterpiece. Then, a contest of “Juraku Dance Hanekurabe,” which is said to have danced in celebration of victory, is held to rejoice at the safety of the navy. Many civic teams perform rhythmic dances! The last fireworks to be launched will make the festival even more luxurious.

“Jorakumai (Chorakumai)”

【Featured Column】
“Juraku Dance (Chorakumai)”

When the Murakami pirates return to Innoshima, they beat a triumphant drum with “Tonto Koton Tonton” to report victory and safety to the people of the island. The people on the island who heard the sound picked up noisy objects such as pots, kamas, and vessels, and greeted the navy while flying, splashing, and dancing. The dance that conveyed this state of joy to the present is “Chorakumai (Chorakumai)”.

Powerful full score! Visit the “Kobayashi” race “Sea Festival”

Small wooden boat “Kohaya,” which was often used by Murakami pirates
The “Kobayashi” race, where everyone joins forces and competes for speed, is a masterpiece
A sea festival that many people visit for a tour

A wooden boat that reproduces the Murakami pirate ship runs through the sea of Innoshima!

The wooden ship “Kohaya (Kohaya)” is a reproduction of the messenger ship used by the Murakami pirates. It is said that at that time, using various strategies, even a small “small haya” was able to defeat a huge warship. The “Kobayashi” race, which competes for a course of about 1 kilometer, is held at the “Sea Festival”. The figure of 16 people who paddle the sawing hand (14 people), the boatman at the helm, and the person who plays the drum together to row a boat is brave. The scenery where the sound of drums ringing from the sea and wooden boats hurtling is a summer feature of Innoshima.

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