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There are many attractive islands in the Seto Inland Sea, such as “Okunoshima,” which is famous for Rabbit Island, and “Osakishimojima,” where the townscape of Mitarai, an important preservation district for groups of historic buildings spreads out. In proportion to that, there are various routes connecting the islands. Check out the routes you need to know and set off for island hopping!


Enjoy Setouchi by touring various islands!

There are many attractive islands in the Seto Inland Sea. There are also various routes connecting the islands, and many ferries and high-speed boats operate. Why don't you check out the routes that are useful for sightseeing and enjoy island hopping.

From Mihara with good access to the longed-for Rabbit Island

Gaining attention from around the world as Rabbit Island
A cute rabbit welcomes you

【18】Rabbit Line <Mihara ⇔ Okunoshima/Regular service >

To Okunoshima Island, where about 900 wild rabbits live, is the nearest port in Takehara, “Tadashi” It is common to use the “seaport”, but it can also be accessed from Hiroshima Airport and “Mihara Port” in Mihara City, which has a bullet train station. It is operated only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and arrives at Okunoshima in about 30 minutes. A cute rabbit welcomes you at the harbor. The island is small, with a circumference of 4.3 km, and sightseeing is possible on foot.

A convenient route connecting the Shimanami Kaido and the Aki Sea and Tobishima Kaido

Okamura Port on the Tobishima Kaido “Okamurajima”
The sea of Okamurajima
Oyamazumi Shrine built on the Shimanami Kaido “Omishima”

【19】Omishima Blue Line <Omishima (Ehime prefecture) ⇔ Okamurajima (Ehime prefecture) /Regular service > 

“Shimanami Kaido” and “Aki Nada Tobishima Kaido” are scenic routes connecting the islands with bridges. This route connects the Shimanami Kaido “Omishima” and the Akinada Tobishima Kaido “Okamurajima”, and cars and bicycles can also be mounted. By using this route, you can drive or cycle around the two highways that Hiroshima boasts.

Let's enjoy Shimanami Kaido and Rabbit Island to the fullest!

Tadanoumi Port Ferry Ticket Office
Omishima Ferry connecting Omishima, Okunoshima and Tadanoumi
Okunoshima, a rabbit island that can only be reached by boat

【20】Omishima Ferry <Omishima (Ehime Prefecture) ⇔ Okunoshima ⇔ Tadanoumi Port/Regular service >

The gateway to “Omishima” on the Shimanami Kaido, “Okunoshima” on Usagi Island, and Okunoshima It is a regular route connecting “Tadanoumi Port,” and cars and bicycles can also be loaded. The travel time between Omishima and Okunoshima is about 15 minutes. Okunoshima has a national residence “Kyukamura Okunoshima,” which is a base for sightseeing, so stay for 1 night It's also recommended to do it.

Enjoy Rabbit Island and the “Takehara Townscape Preservation District”

Departure from Takehara Port, which is close to Takehara City
Buy a ticket at “Takehara Sea Station” adjacent to the port
I want to stop by “Takehara Townscape Preservation District”

【21】Memories of rabbits <Takehara Port⇔Okunoshima/Regular service > 

A route connecting Takehara Port and the rabbit island “Okunoshima”. You can enjoy a short cruise of about 25 minutes. It is common to use Tadanoumi Port to reach Okunoshima, but using Takehara Port, which is close to Takehara City, is called the Little Kyoto of Aki.” Set with “Takehara Townscape Preservation District (Takehara City Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings)” I also recommend trying it out.
※The service is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Go to “Osakikamijima,” where the townscape of wooden buildings still remains

Osakishimojima/Mitarai district and the islands of Seto
The townscape of Kie where the old-fashioned atmosphere remains
In Takehara, there remains an elegant Takehara townscape preservation district

【22】Tonosho Shosen (Osakishimojima ⇔ Osakikamijima ⇔ Takehara/Regular service)

This route connects the Akinada Tobishima Kaido “Osakishimojima” with the remote island “Osakikamijima” floating in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea, and “Takehara Port” at the gateway to Osakikamijima. At Osakikamijima, there is a former port town called at five ports, and a short walk from “Kie Port (Tenma Port)”, one of them, is the former port town of Kie where wooden buildings remain. There are 7 flights a day, and it takes about 45 minutes.

Easy access to Osakikamijima!

View from Osakikamijima Kamimine Mountain
Let's ride around Osakikamijima by Mobility
Built in 1894, the nose lighthouse is still in active service

【23】Sanyo Merchant Marine <Osakikamijima⇔Takehara/Regular service >

This route connects Takehara Port and Osakikamijima with 32 flights a day, and takes 20 to 30 minutes. The difference from the “22" route is the departure and arrival port of Osakikamijima. The departure and arrival ports may be different even on similar routes, so it is important to check the location of the port in advance. On this route, you can alternately call at “Tarumi Port” and “Hakusui Port” on Osakikamijima, and you can rent electric vehicles “Mobility” for sightseeing around each port.

To Ikuchijima, which is full of highlights

Setoda Port
Kosanji Museum, a hot topic on SNS, “Hill of the Future Heart”
There is also a bicycle rental port near Setoda Port

【24】Tonosho Shosen <Mihara ⇔ Ikuchijima/Regular service >

This route connects the Shimanami Kaido “Ikuchijima” and Mihara, and bicycles are also available. There are 12 flights a day, a total of 30 minutes. Kosanji Museum and restaurants gather within a 10-minute walk from Setoda Port on Ikuchi Island You can easily enjoy sightseeing on the island.

“Nottoko Cruise” where you get on and off a regular route without disembarking

[Featured column]
“Nottoko Cruise” that goes back and forth without disembarking on a regular route
~ Feel free to cruise in Setouchi! ~

Regular flights departing from Onomichi Port, Mihara Port, Suba Port, Tadanoumi Port, Takehara Port, and Akitsu Port “Nottoko Cruise” is a service that allows people to enjoy themselves as cruising by going back and forth without disembarking. The flight status varies depending on each route, so please check beforehand.

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