There are many pleasures of traveling around the Seto Inland Sea. This time, we would like to introduce cruise information where you can experience the beauty of the archipelago from the ship. In addition, we will also add ferry and passenger ship information that is convenient for island tours, and will guide you on how to tour the Seto Inland Sea.

Great power! Watching active ships from Kure Bay


Cruise experiences that are rare nationwide

There are only a few places in the country where you can see active ships. Kure, the city of the Navy Yard, is one of them, and a cruise with a spectacular view is unique to Kure! In addition to viewing, tours are also held where you can actually see the inside of the ship. Ship tour is an indispensable travel keyword in Kure.

Enjoy the beauty of the archipelago ♪ Onomichi maritime walk


See the streets of Onomichi and the islands of Setouchi from a boat

Onomichi, where you can see the beautiful archipelago, is one of the best viewing spots in Setouchi. There is a beautiful port town that has been certified as a Japan Heritage Site, and the scenery you can see from the ship is one of the attractions. Onomichi is also the gateway for ferries to the islands of the Shimanami Kaido. Make good use of it and plan a fun trip.

Cruise “Tomonoura”, a nostalgic port town waiting for the tide


There are cruises, there are regular boats, and events!

Tomonoura is located on the Numakuma Peninsula protruding to the southeast of Hiroshima prefecture. It is a port town also known as the “port waiting for the tide,” where ships traveling through the Seto Inland Sea during the Edo period stopped to wait for the tide, and it was also selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. Why don't you enjoy a port town with Setouchi atmosphere on a cruise or regular route?

From all over Hiroshima! Access to the islands of Setouchi


Check out convenient routes and go island hopping

There are many attractive islands in the Seto Inland Sea, such as “Okunoshima,” which is famous for Rabbit Island, and “Osakishimojima,” where the townscape of Mitarai, an important preservation district for groups of historic buildings spreads out. In proportion to that, there are various routes connecting the islands. Check out the routes you need to know and set off for island hopping!

[Extra Edition] Minakami Walk in Hiroshima, the City of Water


Cruises aren't just for the Seto Inland Sea!

The city of Hiroshima, where six rivers flow, is also called the “City of Water”. A river cruise with views of the Atomic Bomb Dome and the townscape of Hiroshima is also a unique way to enjoy Hiroshima, where there are many rivers. Pleasure boats around the moat of Hiroshima Castle also operate. Introducing not only Setouchi cruises, but also Hiroshima cruise information.

A little bit of study! Types of ships

[Featured column] A
little bit of study! Types of ships
~ Know the differences and make good use of them! ~

There are various types of ships, such as ferries, high-speed boats, cruise ships, and pleasure boats. Among them, I would like to make good use of ferries. It is characterized by being able to load cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. as well as people. If you are visiting the islands of Setouchi by car or bicycle, we recommend using a ferry. Many high-speed boats cannot be equipped with cars, motorcycles, or bicycles, but the advantage is that they travel faster than ferries. For those who enjoy traveling to the island on foot, it is also a good idea to use this. Why don't you use different types of ships according to your purpose and enjoy a trip to Setouchi?

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